Quirky and emotive melodies

The young and talented Marius Drescher joins Heinz Music

Heinz Music is setting sail for the summer, and with them they are carrying the next release from Marius Drescher. The young, Berlin based artist and live performer has been noticed for his emotional and raw music. You see him constantly expanding his reach through releasing on labels such as Zehn Records, Einmusika, and now joining the Heinz Music family with “Faded EP”.

“Faded” is a big piece, placing itself as the title track of the release. Evolving from a strong groove into wide synth fields with a melancholic flair, the tune constantly ups the energy building up to the moment of release. Second track incoming is “In Between”. A darker slightly more technoid tune that lives of driving and synths and percussions supplemented by dramatic strings creating a very suspenseful atmosphere.

Rounding up the EP is the third track “Kattas”. Playful power synths twist and turn around the tight percussions, and with the quirky elements we are lead into an almost trippy shamanic break ending in a melodic fury. Heinz Music is not messing around, and they are ready to let Marius Drescher’s music loose on the festival and club floors all over the world. Enjoy!


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