Ruede Hagelstein Calls Out Business Class Bragging Culture

Ruede Hagelstein’s answers to our question about what pisses him off suggest he too feels the underground is starting to become too commercialised.

Hi Reude, tell us a bit about you.

The producing thing began when I was 14 actually. DJing around 15 years.

What made you get in to dance music?

Radio stations like BFBS London and DT64.

Where was your first gig?

Tresor club / Berlin.

How difficult was learning to produce for you in the beginning?

Very difficult, because no Internet, no Tutorials, no money, no idea, no one to ask about.

Talk to us about your latest release and the inspiration behind it.

Ruede Hagelstein: The Deepflight EP for Upon You was designed for the label. I had a minimalistic vision of deep techno with a lot of sound design ideas. So it was kinda concept thing. Less melody, more trippy moments.

What’s the music scene like where you live and how often are you playing?

I am resident at Watergate Berlin, well Berlin is party round o’clock. I am playing every weekend and do 2-3 tours a year to far places. Right now I am in LA.

What really pisses you off about the scene right now

Ruede Hagelstein: Pictures of DJs flying business class, ice cannons, confetti, sexism, racism, people who are thinking function one PA is making a good party.

Which other DJs or producers are you really liking right now?

Rrose, Prince of Denmark, Gesloten Circle, Arca, Marco Shuttle. so many..

What are your preferred labels?

Well all my homies, Upon You, Watergate of course.. and my own label DUAT.

Tell us about your DJ setup

3 DJs, analog mixer, Keinedelay (if i am not to lazy bringing it ;))

What’s been your biggest achievement

Composing music for a big musical.

What can we expect from you soon

Some new Ruede Hagelstein remixes gonna be released within the next weeks. Especially the remix for Lea Porcelain is hot! Watergate Records EP is coming up early next year. Yesterday i was jamming the whole night with Ricoshei and Droog here in LA , so there will be something released next year. And I will spend more time in my beloved Studio without having deadlines. There was just to much pressure stuff to do recently. I want more chill and inspiration for the end of the year.


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