Skober – Satisbeat (Terminal M)

Ukrainian “Skober” is back with us on the Formidable “Terminal M”


“Skober” is more than just an artist / DJ but a proven super talent in the electronic music world. Just about everything he has touched regardless of the label, either a remix or original has certainly captured our attention and given us something to remember.

His sound is very much classed as Techno but there’s definably a lot more influence that just the techno tag. I often feel there is a bit of a house influence to his sound as he features a cross merge of vocal hits and electronic arp riffs that can also be found in the true progressive house. Mix and match that with great sonically treated quality and dynamics you have the “Skober” sound.

So he’s here with us on “Terminal M” who’s recent output a been nothing but sensational with an insistent release schedule that has left us jaw dropping and doesn’t seem to be letting up in persistence.

There are three tracks on this release starting with the title track “Satisbeat” which starts off in a deep molded punchy fashion with a filtered chord style riff gently creeping in. The hats percussive elements are neatly worked as the “skober” style vocal morphing appears. A nice dynamic break is featured in the middle with more of a classic string feel before it re generates the groove.

“Around You” is next up on the platter with another quality driven production. This track seems slightly heavier than the prior with more intensity from the outset. It transpires to a deeper touching moving atmosphere feeling with a nice melodic touch, almost like “sasha meets Techno”. There’s great detail to the arrangement and keeps you hooked in.

Next up is the atramentous “Black Sun” which as the title suggests is darker affair. It contains great-reverberated drums that bounce around the spectrum with flair as varying deep padded moments keep rising. There are a few nice funky details carefully placed in the mix and although it’s a different theme to the other tracks is equally as strong.

On a whole this is another fantastic out put on “Terminal M” and from an artist that can deliver the definitive show.

Review by Blue Amazon – Rated 8/10


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