French producer and DJ Spitbastard is a name that may have only recently appeared on the radars of many electronic/melodic techno aficionados out there. Despite this, he is an artist whose star is rapidly shining brighter with a string of exceptional releases backed up by an impressive stage show. Scouring the web to find information on this exceptional young producer does not reveal a great deal so we take it right back to basics in this interview.

Tell us a bit about yourself…

As a person, I would say I am a fairly complex hahahaha.  I’m pretty temperamental but I think I have a lot of heart.  I love to please, but I have a big defect is that I am not never satisfied with my work, but I think it pushes me to improve myself! 

For my past, I had a pretty hard late teens, big family conflict, which led me to the street at the age of 16.  I suffered a lot.  The music really helped me release my emotions that I kept in my heart and I think that without all his bad events, I could not get both to express myself in my music, which gives a positive side to the thing.  All this explains my artist name, spit is short for my last name ” Spitzglous ” and bastard is having been thrown like a dog by my family!  I still want to thank my dad who was always there for me!  Thank you dad!

For those who haven’t heard your music, how would you describe the Spitbastard sound?

I would say quite emotional, be it love, hate, joy almost grotesque, or sometimes almost gloque thing after, my style I can vary it depends on my mood.

You have had a number of great releases on labels like Traum, Wide Angle, Inlab, Solid Shape and have a massive forthcoming release on Change Audio; you must be thrilled at how things are progressing?

Having begun the music there are only three years for the first time in my life and signed my first piece there only one year ½ is pretty good I must admit, I hope to continue to improve without my sound ceases to continue to improve myself, and I personally love to work and set goals. 

A number of your releases have enthralling melodic and often orchestral instrumental components; do you have a classically trained background? Do you play any live instruments in your work?

Haha, to be honest with you, I’ve never played any instrument, there are three years I put hands on a music program for the first time in my life and this is where I started tapping away my first melody, find my accord ect… I read a few courses on the subject and a lot of practice on my keyboard, I’m like a gypsy who plays the guitar I do this in instinct.

For the budding audio producers out there, can you tell us what your favourite pieces of studio gear are? Also, what do you use on stage for your live shows?

For now my studio is pretty simple, I really minimum to work correctly, a keyboard akai mpk 49, akai apc 40 monitor speakers yamaha hs 80, a sound card.  My software is Cubase to compose, with native instruments komplete 8 for my vst and for live act, I’m working on Ableton Live with apc 40.  But in the coming months I intend to equip myself with an analog synthesizer and a drum machine, I find the sound of analog, really huge, I would then integrate the drum machine and synth in my live act.

The French electronic scene has produced a large number of influential producers and DJs over the years. Did you find growing up and finding your feet in this scene to be a big influence and drive in your career?

Yes, in recent years the French make great music, I hugely respected artist Rone which produces original music with great sound and crazy rhythmic for my influences I draw much more German and English artists.  As an artist I respect hugely as there Teho and Romulus my friends, two French southern France (I invite people to go and listen to their songs) which I think will succeed in music, they have a huge potential and especially are lovely people on a human level!

Do any artists or clubs/events stand out in your progression to where you are today? Was there a point where you decided you wanted to start working really hard towards obtaining your musical dreams?

In fact it is quite simple, at first I started my music without ambition, then I posted my first songs on Soundcloud, then I started to get good feedback, so I took conscience that people liked my music, after that I signed my first ep there a year ½, and from there I tried to do better, I still have many things to learn and to experiment!  Electronic music provides unlimited possibility, and I think we can improve throughout life.

What have been your favourite gigs that you have played so far in your career? Do you have any clubs or festivals that you would like to play?

Haha to be honest I started to play my first live act there four months it went to Poitier about 700 km from my home, I loved it, great part a public good, and then last month I played Spartacus club club electronic music super deemed and also the club or I would listen to my favourite artists, and it warms my heart to play in this club or I was going to see of great artists, for the moment I have two dates planned in the coming months

If you could remix any track from the past or present, which track would it be? Also, if you could have any of your tunes remixed by any producer, which track and artist would you choose?

There are so many good songs that would remix, but I confess that one of the recent pieces that drives me crazy is a piece of “rone-beast pt 2” then my track ‘Synetrus’ I think it could go with a remix kollektiv Turmstrasse who are artists that I love!

Are there any artists you would like to jump in the studio and collaborate with?

For the moment I started a project with my friend Romulus, and we should redo a session soon!  I admit it’s super cool to make music with a friend, it changes to be with a friend, studio time is really nice, exchanging our knowledge.  It’s super beneficial! 

Via your Soundcloud you have released a few tracks for free. Has the music sharing capabilities of online sites such as Soundcloud plus social media like Facebook been a helpful tool for spreading your music?

Yes very, Soundcloud is great to know his music for free download I think it’s also great to do from time to time, the public loves to make gifts! and I love the idea of ​​sharing my music for free from time to time

What’s coming up on your calendar in terms of releases and gigs?

For the moment I still have a ep provided on Ideological, am still awaiting remixes so I did not have the exact dates. I have already received the remix of “We Need Cracks” this remix is a real bomb!  From two new French artists with great potential who have signed on Traum Schallplatten. 


What do you think?

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