Sunny Graves – Bayou EP (Disboot)

Sunny Graves is the new project of Barcelona-based producer and performer Simon Williams, and his debut release under the new name is this four-track EP on Disboot, also operating out of Barcelona.

‘Spring (Slow Return)’ is a sweeping and menacing slice of electronica, with a mesmerizing hook and brilliantly catchy vocal work spiralling over a rumbling bassline and subdued percussion. It’s rather reminiscent of some of M83’s darker compositions, and it gets the EP off to a stunning start.

Sunny Graves – Spring (Slow Return) from disboot on Vimeo.

The title track is warmer and more expansive, with clubbier percussion giving a bit more forward momentum even while the tempo stays low. Drifting pads provide the backdrop for sunny melodies, which build gently to a dreamy outro.

‘Drawing Hands in Soft Light’ immerses us once more in drama and suspense, as melodies ripple out over drifting vocals and punishing bass tones. The track picks up halfway through with a four-to-the-floor beat and some wicked bass licks asserting themselves, leading to a surprisingly uplifting final act.

Finally, ‘Ghosts’ builds slowly with droning synths, chopped up vocals, chattering hi-hats and skipping kick drums, mechanical loops, and occasional string flourishes, then exploding in a flurry of abstract synth melodies before sinking into a moody outro that closes the EP.

Throughout the EP Sunny Graves manages to demonstrate a willingness to experiment and an appreciation of the fact that the journey is as least important as the destination without boring or losing the listener. ‘Spring (Slow Return)’ is definitely the most compelling of the four compositions for my money, but if you’re looking for electronic music to get lost in, the entire EP is well worth exploring. 7.5/10

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