The Reactivitz Says Techno’s Politics Motivated Him To Start Immersion

The Reactivitz shares gives us an insight in to his new imprint ‘Immersion’ and shares his candid thoughts about the scene!

Hi Jonathan, what made you decide to start up your imprint and how did you come up with the name?  Is there a story behind it?

Thanks for inviting me to speak about my label. It’s been a while that I wanted to set up my own imprint. I have released many tracks and remixes during the past few years so I thought that it was the time to start something fresh in order to show my vision of techno. Plus, the direction I want for my tracks sometimes doesn’t really fit with the current labels that I want to reach. That’s mainly why I have decided to start immersion, to be able to express all of my ideas and without limits.The idea was also to release my own productions only but finally I decided to sign some artists as the music I receive is great.

When I launched the label, the name Immersion directly came to my mind. To learn and to open our mind to the world, everyone has to be immersed in a particular place. Being in Immersion allow the people to live a particular experience. And I think this is the same thing with music. I invite the people to live a unique music experience with my label. Let’s be in Immersion with me!

What does Immersion bring to the scene and how does it standout from the rest?

With the label, I really want to bring something different in the techno scene. For me, it is really important that each release is different from each other. I am really picky when I choose tracks. You know, I am someone really perfectionist when I work. I want to give to the people a great image and feeling of the label. I prefer quality than quantity. I don’t think releasing music every week is a very good thing as a label need some time to promote a release properly. This is extremely important to me to respect this point, to keep the releases’ exclusivity. I am trying to standout from the rest with unique music, covers and promotion!

Who would you count as your core label artists?  

At the moment, I would not say that I have some core artists label as I didn’t release many tracks. Nevertheless, I had the chance to have on board talented artists such as Hobo, Metodi Hristov, Steve Mulder, Durtysoxxx and more. For sure, I really want to work with these artists again and I am also looking to sign some new artists.

What aspects do you find hard about running a label in today’s climate and why?  

The competition is hard. During the years, I saw many new labels growing up so It is difficult to be heard and mostly recognized within the scene. Running a label means that you have to be always looking for new ways to promote your music. We are living in times when a product is not promoted, it remains unnoticed. There’s so much music and so many labels out that we need to invest a lot in promo and PR.

With the internet, we have now many new possibilities to reach our audience but as I said, there is a massive offer today. They key is to be unique and different from the other labels. The label needs regularity and image coherence to reach is target audience.

What support do you give your artists and what advice would you give anyone looking to get signed on your label?  How people send you demos?

Be unique and true to your style. As I said before, I am looking for special music which stands out from what I use to hear. The doors of my label remain open, and I’m in a constant search of fresh material and new names I’ve not heard before. People can send me demos through my demo mail present in my different social network pages.

What’s been Immersion’s biggest moment so far or the thing you’re most proud of?

Definitely, I would say that the biggest moment was when I released my first EP “Rising”. After all the efforts put into the label for months, the feeling of having his first tracks in his own imprint had no name. I was very impatient and proud to show to the public the first release, which included two big remixes from artists I really appreciate.

What are your plans for the label moving forward?  Do you have any parties in the works? 

I have many exciting projects on the way. Immersion is preparing new releases by talented artists such as Danny Fontana, Lazar (IT), Marck D, Tom Hutt and of course myself… I am planning to release my first album on the label later this year. Really looking forward to it!

At the moment, I am focusing on releasing music and working on the brand image as my label is recent but I definitely have in mind to do some showcases in the near future.

What are the biggest challenges do you feel the industry is facing plus what tips can you share with other label managers or artists that can inspire them to think outside the box and change the way they’re working? 

According to me, the biggest challenge is that there are a lot of private circles in the industry. I have experienced this in the past and I’m still experiencing it today. Politics block a lot of truly talented artists.

To face this, label managers and artists will need a lot of patience and dedication. They have to be truly passionate about music! Don’t focus on being successful, focus on what you are doing and I am sure that the opportunities will come faster than expected.


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