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Thomas Schumacher Shares His Tips to Start The Year Right

Thomas Schumacher’s New Release On Drumcode Is Available Now

Thomas Schumacher has over two decades of experience in the music industry. Not only does he maintain a busy gig schedule playing events all over the world, but he also makes regular releases on high profile labels such as Noir, Arts, Bush and his own Electric Ballroom.

Having started 2020 with a release on the mighty Drumcode, Thomas Schumacher manages to balance a hectic schedule that many would struggle to maintain. We caught up with Thomas so he can share his top tips for starting the year with a healthy body and mind

Thomas Schumacher: Get some rest! We all tend to blow out our body, mind and spirit in the run-up to New Years then expect ourselves to hit the new year running. I have learned that starting the new year off with some good, solid rest really sets me up with the power I need to create what I want.

Get yourself a meditation practice. People who say they don’t have time to meditate are the people who need to meditate the most. Trust me, I learned this kicking and screaming. Five minutes of meditation a day will save you hours of time wasted in confusion, conflict and procrastination.

Power yourself with plants. Where do you think the cows get their protein from?

Read books that challenge your way of thinking and push your opinions out of their comfort zone

Be grateful. Even on the shitty days, there is always something to be grateful for. Gratitude precedes happiness so the more we can focus on the big and little things we can be grateful for in our lives, the happier we feel.

You can pick up a copy of Thomas Schumacher’s new release on Drumcode from HERE


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