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Tim Green on Beating Writer’s Block: ‘I try to accept it, rather than stress about it’

Lost Miracle’s latest release ‘Moho’ has landed, arranged by UK titan Tim Green. Comprising it are two alluring arrangements, built upon intricate drum layers and warm, analog synths woven into simple, yet mysterious harmonies.

Green is somewhat of a machine when it comes to music. Since adapting a new direction that began manifesting in his last LP, ‘Her Future Ghost’, he’s gone on to forge numerous releases and remixes for All Day I Dream, Anjunadeep, and of course, Lost Miracle, where his remix to label boss Sébastien Léger’s “Forbidden Garden” became something of an anthem in 2019. It’s hard to imagine the creative ever having trouble finding inspiration, but alas, he is human.

To mark the release of ‘Moho’, we nabbed Tim for a bit of wisdom on dealing with writer’s block. Read on for some of his insight on how to overcome.

Do you ever get writers block when it comes to making music or being creative, and what are your tips when struggling to find inspiration?

Yes I get it a lot to be honest. Firstly I try to accept it, rather than stress about it. Easier said than done obviously. After that, I will still try to be productive, but not in writing music. I will do things like organise my sample library. Or save and categorise my favourites sounds & patches on my keyboards so they are more easily accessible when I am writing music. Or come up with loads of song names. Or clean my studio. Or even just sit down and play guitar (my first instrument), just for fun and for no real end goal – just to get back into my earliest love of music again. These are the productive things to do. But I find my main problem for writers block 99% of the time is I have to much going on in my head. So I try to work through whatever is bothering me – which could be about life in general, tasks I need to complete, or worries etc. Then fix them! After this I usually find im more free to create and focus solely on music.


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