Tony Dee – Melody EP (Bitten)

The Excellent “Bitten” label is back with great release from “Tony Dee”.

Tony Dee

Each week I seem to be writing about Italian Techno artists and their domination in world club music. I personally refer to this as the “Italian Techno supremacy” and yet once again we are treated to another but this time from “Tony Dee”

“Tony Dee” has been on the Techno radar for quite some time with what is quite an outstanding contribution to this music genre. I have personally played many of his releases and mixes as a DJ and it’s always a pleasure to hear his latest.

His super track “The King” on Spanish outfit “Suara” still resonates through our eardrums as well as “See Yeah!” on “Hollen’s” “Prospect Records” which is still popular and there’s an abundance of more quality to checkout.

So here we are with “Tony Dee” on Amsterdam’s “Bitten” label which by no means is it an overstatement by saying its one of the best out there. They have been consistent in quality and energy for many years now.

Getting into the tracks the EP starts with the title track “The Melody”. This track has real building qualities as it starts off in quite a deeper hypnotic fashion with transient style melodies carefully reverbed into the mix. The arrangement carries you through to a breakdown, which maintains the deeper transient mood before the Techno pounce that hits you next. At this point the track has really arrived and one which will simply tear the roof of the dance floors. It’s a big anticipation style techno production at its best.

Next we feature the title “lone” which in many ways the production sound follows the title. It’s quite experimental in its sound with an abstract sculpture. There are classic techno style hats and rides featured as it build along with a haunting atmosphere and once again the track gets very dynamic after a short break with percussive intensity. All the sounds featured from the outset you will notice get embed in to the groove cleverly the more you listen.

“Dollars” is the final track featured on the EP and kicks into action with a great reversed style riff which is actually quite funky in an abstract way. A bleepy sound is overlaid adding electronic depth to the picture and there’s cool featured use of spoken vocals as it builds in anticipation for a bigger percussion. It gets very groovy after the middle break and carries you through to the end seamlessly.

Another great output from “Bitten Records” from the undiluted Techno talent of “Tony Dee”

Review by Blue Amazon – Rated 8/10


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