What’s In Your Box: JOBE

With JOBE having new music out now on Manual Music we take a look at his favourite tracks of the moment in the latest edition of What’s In Your Box?

1. Decius – Bread & Butter (Original Mix) [K7 Records]

I heard this on the new Adam Port Keinmusik podcast, then headed straight over to Beatport grab a copy.  Deep, groovy and heavily saturated, perfect for the dance floor.

2. Jimi Jules – Equinox (Original Mix) [Zukunft Recordings]

Jimi is killing it at the moment, I sent him a message on Soundcloud recently to pay him some compliments.  His production is so good, and this track is a fine example of that.  He’s just released a track on Innervisions, so expect to see his name everywhere. 

3. Eagles & Butterflies – Experiment G (Original Mix) [Art Imitating Life]

Here’s another guy who seems to have the magic touch, he’s costing me a fortune.  Every time he puts a tune out I buy it.  Love this one especially.  There’s a few producers I’m really inspired by at the moment, and Eagles is one of them.

4. Talaboman – The Ghosts Hood feat. John Talabot, Axel Boman (Original Mix) [R&S Records]

This EP was always going to be good, and the lads didn’t disappoint.  I could have chosen any track, they’re all equally as good.  The production is amazing.  I’d pay good money to spend a day in the studio looking over their shoulders!

5. Panorama Channel – Jigsaw Lovers Club (Original Mix) [Biologic Records]

I discovered Panorama Channel a few weeks ago, they’ve only had a few releases (that I can see on Beatport) over the last 3 years, but they have very accomplished production.  I’ve done some digging to try and find out if it’s just 2 established artists that decided to collaborate, but I haven’t come up with anything.  Nevertheless, I’m a fan. 

6. Rampa – Mascha (Original Mix) [Keinemusik]

Along with Eagles & Butterflies, Rampa is another big inspiration of mine.  He’s a master of percussion (as are all of the Keinemusik boys), and his tracks always stand out in terms of their originality.  This is a great example, beautiful vocal hook, rich percussion, stripped back grooves.  Immense, I love it.

7. Denis Horvat – Axle [Exit Strategy]

Again, another big inspiration at the moment.  Denis has started putting videos on his Facebook page, of cuts between footage of him making a tune, and footage of Dixon/Ame playing it in a club.  It’s great to see.  I’m a huge fan of his style, deep and groovy with intricate melodies that never seem to get old.  He’s already doing well, but he’s definitely one to watch this year.

8. Rondo Mo – Overflow (Gardens Of God Remix) [Fayer]

Love this remix from Gardens of God, he managed to strip the percussion right back to a very simplistic groove, which is never easy without it getting boring fast.  He really nails it here, and that drop.  Pfffff.

9. Olderic – Pyramid [Connaisseur]

Liking this one from Olderic, he’s very consistent with his productions, always simple in terms of their structure, but rich in character. 

10. JOBE – Siege of Syracuse [Manual Music] 

Might as well finish with some shameless self-promotion.  This one’s out 3rd April.

‘Siege Of Syracuse’ is out now on Manual Music, you can purchase the release: here


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