Stanisha & Franzis-D – Viva La Underground (Stellar Fountain)

What happens when two of the hardest working producer of the progressive scene join their forces? A true underground club anthem is born. This time the result is a nice medly of Stanisha’s and Franzis-D’s own, recognizable sound called ‘Viva La Underground’. The dark-spiritual piece got remixed by Charly Aguada, Hector Sawiak, Carlos Fox and Samotarev.

The original mix is a perfect tribal/percussion driven stuff, with long drum intro which leads to a hypnotizing, main synth theme. Charly Aguada’s rework is going on a deep infected, floating path, surrounded by an endless soundscape. Hector Sawiak’s unique style takes over the main elements, handled with a big bag of spiritual energy. Carlos Fox focused on the melodies and brought the original idea to a way much happier dimension. Samotarev pounding techno vibe call us directly to the dancefloor while it operates with spacey, delayed synths. Release Promo Hype Chart Top 25

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