Aguizi & Fahim – Echoes From The Past (Golden Wings Music)

The latest release on Golden Wings Music welcomes Aguizi & Fahim to the label for their debut EP.

Aguizi & Fahim - Echoes From The Past

Youssef El-Aguizi and Yehia Fahim have become household names in their home country of Egypt. The much loved duo are regulars behind the decks at one of Cairo’s hippest venues and now their production career is starting to take off as well, with an appearance on 238W Inc’s ‘Contemporary Elements’ collection being the highlight thus far. Now we see the duo making their long awaited debut on Golden Wings Music with the four track EP ‘Echoes From The Past’.

The release gets underway with ‘Ethnicity’ which finds Aguizi & Fahim building a strong atmospheric presence under a chugging floor friendly groove. It’s appropriately titled with a definite cross-cultural vibe running through the piece, particularly during the main break, which presents a striking lead line. There’s a spiritual essence here which is wonderful and a calculated build makes for a great payoff, all leading to a third act of strong tonal elements again with a distinct spiritual character. A great start to the release.

The EPs second selection ‘Space’ begins with clattering percs and a big, rugged groove. Strong rhythmic elements and shimmering atmospheres slowly encompass the framework, heightening emotional awareness as a result. The spiritual vibe is strong here again and ultimately sets up a gorgeous break of gleaming keys and soft vocal pads. It’s a beautiful point in the track which that rugged groove eventually cuts through for a huge moment. An even bigger third act brings the emotion up a notch or two higher with all the elements reconvening for a breathtaking conclusion.

The EPs third selection ‘Anaksunamun’ sees the duo going a bit darker and techier. Electric stabs pierce the air while hypnotic designs float through the punchy framework. There’s almost an old school Israeli vibe I’m picking up here as the track charges forward towards the break. Mysterious vocal elements add a ton of intrigue and the main theme which gets unveiled during the break is absolutely beautiful. A trail of sonic decay and frantic stabs make for a bold moment, one which perfectly sets up the return of the duos dark and pulsating groove. Wonderful stuff and one of my favourites on the EP.

The release is closed off in dramatic fashion with ’77 Voyagers’. Following a long, cinematic intro, complete with dramatic build and atmospheric tension, the groove is unleashed along with soulful vocal wails and wonky acid-like lines. There’s a sense of ending here somehow, with several reflective motifs and a main break set for festival madness. It’s 10 minute plus running time is actually ideal because for all its epic elements there’s a contemplative mood building which seems to perfectly cap off such an excellent collection of music. A gorgeous EP from Aguizi & Fahim who are coming up fast, with 2016 promising many magic moments from these two, so make sure you’re along for the ride. Highly Recommended.

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