Alex Vidal – Reminiscence (Stellar Fountain)

The latest release on Stellar Fountain welcomes Alex Vidal back to the label with a brand new single entitled ‘Reminiscence’.

Alex Vidal

The Spanish producer last appeared on the Hungarian imprint with his remix of Artfaq’s ‘ID’ which was released at the end of March. It’s been a busy year for Alex with already 30 new entries added to his discography which has been highlighted by Balkan Connection, Majestic Family and the newly formed AH Digital. His latest and also second single for Stellar Fountain is entitled ‘Reminiscence’ which includes remixes from Robert R. Hardy and Deep Fog & Cream.

Alex’s first single for Stellar Fountain was a dreamy progressive cut entitled ‘Stellarium’. The Spanish producer has always had a bit of a trancy element to his productions and this one was no different. On ‘Reminiscence’ we get a bit of a softer, deeper vibe with equally brilliant results. The tracks warm, rolling foundation is smooth and energetic while the sparkling electronics and soothing atmospheres put you in a serene state. The vocal elements, although quite subtle add a lot and make it all the more emotional sounding, particularly during the breakdown. Really nice work from Alex.

The first interpretation of ‘Reminiscence’ is provided by Robert R. Hardy who is making his sixth appearance on Stellar Fountain. The Hungarian producer is fresh off the release of his ‘Morning Breeze’ LP (under his equally great D.M.P moniker) along with remixes for Balkan Connection, Just Movement and Sleepless Nights Recordings. Robert’s deep and groovy sound has melded well with the ‘Reminiscence’ themes and resulted in another exceptional remix for the Hungarian. The bass line has been reshaped into something more spacious and groovy while the atmospheric elements come with a trippier quality. The emotional ting of the original has also been washed away in favour of a more subversive, otherworldly sound which is just amazing. Excellent remix from Robert and my favourite on the release.

The second and final interpretation of ‘Reminiscence’ is provided by Deep Fog & Cream who are making their first appearance (as a duo) on Stellar Fountain. The Polish production team started collaborating together in 2014 and have enjoyed immense success ever since. Support from Max Graham, John OO Fleming, Chicane and many others has been rolling in and the remainder of 2015 looks to be even better. For their ‘Reminiscence’ interpretation the Polish duo have put a deeper, more atmospheric twist on the original and it closes the release out on a great note. It’s melancholic instrumentation and seaside design that makes this version so unique. Appropriated titled ‘Sunset’ this is one track that’s perfect for those hazy, beachside moments. Excellent remix from Deep Fog & Cream which rounds out a great release on Stellar Fountain. Don’t miss it.

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