Amadei – the essential new online platform that aims to connect artists

Amadei is a long-overdue new service that will facilitate young artists and help them maximise their creative and financial potential with a world-class offering of essential music services

Amadei is an essential new online platform that aims to connect artists, producers, vocalists and music industry services in quick and efficient ways. Launching in June 2019, the game-changing website is set to revolutionise the digital music space and become a go-to resource for creatives around the world.

The music industry has changed immeasurably in recent years, with streaming, digital distribution and sharing platforms all emerging but nothing linking them all together. As more people than ever before can also make their own music, there has never been a bigger need for professional services to help get that music to market.

These days many young artists face obstacles in linking with vocalises, producer or arrangers, with collecting royalties, researching their streaming statistics or even finding PR agencies willing to represent smaller unknown names. Amadei will change all that and will dissolve borders and boundaries as it brings people from all over the world together and help them realise their creative dreams.
It will allow them to become the successful artists they want to become by linking them with the industries and fellow creatives that are so desperate for their services: the aim of Amadei is to raise the standards of music by guiding artists and helping them achieve in ways that lead them to greater levels of creative and commercial success.

To achieve this, the platform will enable artists to create tracks from scratch, help find creative partners, set the authorship for creation by signing authorship agreements, assist in production, publishing and distribution to the world’s best music labels, maximise opportunities to earn money and upgrade musical skills through access to the best professionals and practitioners in the world of music.

It will allow artists a way into the global movie industry and provide opportunities to create soundtracks, as well as to work with the animation and gaming industries which are both huge growth industries that rely on fresh and new music content on a constantly increasing basis. What’s more, Amadei will also help artists find new markets around the world in emerging scenes like Asia and bridge them to the people they need to really make their mark. The platform will also be set up to help improve and develop the skills of any musician, lyricist, vocalist or manager help them plot their success into the future.

Subscribers will get access to a clean and easy to use interface that allows them to sell their music both independently via iTunes, Spotify or Apple Music and on the platform. They will be able to search for producers by name, genre or mood, as well as access private messaging services, accounting breakdowns for digital sales and head to an area in which music requests are put to tender. There will be nowhere better to find and work with new creative partners with up to 1GB of space to upload tracks and up to 30% commission from music sold via the store as well as up to 100% of royalties from artists own music distribution.

Initial services to be launched are Automatic 24-hour mastering, Studio Mastering, Mixing and Sound Design. PR packages for subscribers include consulting packages on Sound Management, Artist Brand Book and Music Management and Self Music Promotion, with a mailing service direct to label heads and guaranteed feedback, plus an online shop with ghost production and broadcast content.

Amadei is a long-overdue new service that will facilitate young artists and help them maximise their creative and financial potential with a world-class offering of essential music services.


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