Andy Arias – Shouted Novel / Before The Action (Slideways Music)

Tim Penner’s new Slideways Music imprint kicks off with a huge release from Andy Arias.

andy arias shouted novel

There are an abundance of electronic music imprints which start up each year. Some begin quietly and others make an immediate impact right away. Tim Penner’s new Slideways Music is certainly falling into the latter category. The labels debut release has had the electronic music underground buzzing and rightfully so. Launching the imprint in fine style is Andy Arias with his ‘Shouted Novel / Before The Action’ EP which includes remixes from Hugo Ibarra & Uvo and Stas Drive.

Andy Arias has been a long time fixture of the Argentinean scene for many years now. He’s never been one to over produce and has amassed a very meticulous discography over the course of his nearly 5 year production career. His 2014 appearances on 3rd Avenue, Dopamine Music and Soundteller Records have yielded what would have to be considered his career best work. This EP though exceeds those releases and then some. The lead track ‘Shouted Novel’ is substantially large; backed by a strong foundation of big bulging bass stabs the energy and funkiness of the record is high even at the outset. Following a rhythmically intense first half the track reaches its ultimate boiling point as a swirling vortex of metallic noise rips the atmosphere to shreds. It’s a monumentally intense break and the comparatively subtle re-entry of the groove is absolute magic. Monster tune from Andy and a great way to lead off the release.

The lone remix of ‘Shouted Novel’ is supplied by Hugo Ibarra & Uvo. The Mexican duo have been one of this year’s most talked about production acts. After teaming up in late 2013 Hugo and Uvo have gone on an incredible run that has seen them appear on Perspectives Digital and Movement Recordings. Their pixie inspired take on progressive house has delighted both old and new fans of the genre. For their ‘Shouted Novel’ interpretation Hugo and Uvo have kept the toughness of the groove but with a much dreamier overlay. The drifting melodies and sonically reconstructed electronics are the real highlights here and make for a hugely stimulating journey that should be great on the dance floor or your iPod.

The companion piece ‘Before The Action’ is next and finds Andy complementing ‘Shouted Novel’ with a much deeper and more introspective production. Another sultry groove sits at the foundation and it’s funky, spacious hooks carve out a wonderfully momentous swing. The dreamy first half casts a beautiful atmosphere and leads the track into the main break. Here the intensity gets taken up a notch as the groove slowly washes away and a spaced out acid line fades to the forefront. With the tension growing the modulation reaches a blinding peak and a quick drummy build lets the beats loose once more. The tastefully restrained drop is once again perfect and should delight all the clued up listeners out there.

The lone interpretation of ‘Before The Action’ is provided by Stas Drive who has been a much talked about producer this year. With forthcoming releases on Nick Warren’s Hope Recordings and Guy J’s Lost & Found the future looks quite bright for the Ukrainian native. His interpretation of ‘Before The Action’ has without question been the feedback favourite on the release. Stas has crafted one of this year’s finest tripped out journeys into sound. From its endlessly swirling backdrop of hazy textures to a myriad of sonically impressive electronics there’s a lot to like here and it all comes with a cool dance floor sensibility as well. That’s something Stas never seems to lose sight of even when his productions begin to border on nonconforming psychedelia. Excellent stuff and a spot on first release from Tim Penner’s Slideways Music. Start following this label, there’s an abundance of cool stuff in the pipeline.

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