Anthony & Georgio – Equilibrium (Sound Avenue)

Much loved British DJ Nick Warren released his Brazil Global Underground in the autumn of 1998. It was Nick’s second installment in the famed compilation series and showcased an inspiring snapshot of what the UK DJ was championing at the time. Nick has been one of the most diverse and creative DJs over the last two decades. As you would expect his Brazil mix was a masterful journey into electronic music which showcased everything from laid back broken beats to uplifting tech house and progressive. The rolling rhythms and laser like melodies which flowed through the second disk hit a new peak with Anthony & Georgio’s ‘Equilibrium’. It’s funky, hypnotic and heavily percussive sound was light years ahead of its time. The rhythmic melodies were incredibly moving and it was a perfect representation of the fresh sounds that were coming out of Holland at the time. The track was originally released on Spiritual Records in 1996 but has never been made available digitally. Now for Sound Avenue’s 25th overall release the label is pleased to present the much sought after original version along with a new collaborative remix from Madloch & Beat Syndrome.

It’s never an easy task to go back almost 20 years and attempt to revisit and adequately update a classic from yesteryear but Madloch & Beat Syndrome have done a masterful job. From the moment the first kick and panning electronics cut through the mesmerizing backdrop there’s an incredible electricity in the air. As the atmosphere and presence of the record begins to gracefully build a quick drop along with an angelic vocal snip and sonic sweep serve to reveal a warm bed of perfectly textured harmonics. With the celestial backdrop beginning to evolve the record’s incredibly emotional journey is well underway. Heart wrenching chord progressions flow effortlessly through the warm underbelly while the heavenly back drop radiates like a sky full of bright shining stars. The luminous electronics raise to the forefront as the tracks reaches the main break. Here the delicate intricacies get swept away in favour of a set of perfectly textured stabs which provide just the right amount of funk to offset the irresistible atmosphere of the piece. Madloch & Beat Syndrome’s tastefully reserved conclusion keeps the compositions modern sensibilities well intact and puts a cap on what will be one of this year’s best electronic music updates. Release Promo Hype Chart #5

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