Antrim and Analog Jungs – Anubis EP (Golden Wings Music)

The latest release on Golden Wings Music welcomes Antrim and Analog Jungs to the label for a brand new EP.

Antrim & Analog Jungs

Hailing from Argentina, Guille Cornejo aka Antrim  has long been one of his country’s most underrated producers.  Releases on Perspectives Digital, Kunai Records and Classound Recordings have all been exceptional and with each successive outing Guille is able to come up with a uniquely themed production. Analog Jungs meanwhile, also hails from Argentina and this is not only his first collaboration with Antrim but also his production debut in general. Together the pair have crafted the ‘Anubis’ EP which comes with two brand original tracks.

The release begins with the title track which finds Antrim and Analog Jungs crafting a deep progressive number. The track’s tough kick and funky bass stabs provide a deadly foundation before some soft, washed out melodies begin descending over the framework. The addition of some subtle acid-flavoured hooks and timely modulation on the bassline make for an eventful ride. Ultimately it’s the draping, melodic sheets that make this for me though; very haunting and timeless sounding, which the tough minded groove does a great job at keeping on the dance floor. Beautiful work from Antrim and Analog Jungs.

The companion piece ‘Unleashed’ finds Antrim going solo with a deeper, techno inspired piece which complements the lead very well. The tough minded groove comes with great drive and a huge hypnotic sensibility. The percussive waves and electric lines build great momentum while a band of spacey synths continue to push the piece higher. An ethereal sounding motif pushes the track into tastefully epic territory before a well timed break brings things down which paves the way for a calculated build and killer third act. An amazing way to cap off the EP and great to see a new name in the mix from Argentina in Analog Jungs. Excellent signing from Golden Wings Music.

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