Antrim & Claudio Cornejo – Landscape Of Moon & I See Remixes (Dopamine Music)

The 39th release on Nikko.Z’s Dopamine Music finds the label showcasing brand new interpretations of Antrim’s ‘Landscape of Moon’ EP.

Antrim - Lanscape of Moon

Released in December of 2014 the two track offering (one in conjunction with Claudio Cornejo) was widely regarded as Antrim’s best work to date. Dopamine Music now presents two brand new interpretations from Michael A and Desaturate which reinvent the tracks perfectly.

Michael A has been one of 2015’s most talked about progressive house producers. The Belarus based artist has created his own sound which has recently earned support and play from Herman Cattaneo and Guy J. Michael’s unique fusion of deeper grooves and progressive minded sensibilities has already been featured on Perspectives Digital and Temporum Music. Here he returns to Dopamine Music for his second appearance and an incredible remix for Antrim’s ‘Landscape of Moon.’ The deep and enchanting motifs from the original have been wonderfully recreated by Michael here. The sparkling keys and textural drifts are backed by a wonderfully groovy foundation while a meticulous band of percussion creates further energetic waves. Following a poignant break faint vocal gates and churning lines make for a wicked finish which surely sits comfortably alongside Michael’s best ever work.

The lone remix of Antrim & Claudio Cornejo’s ‘I See’ is provided by Desaturate who is making his first appearance on Dopamine Music. As one half of the famed Progress Inn duo Janko Dragovic aka Desaturate is on a new path with this brand new moniker. It’s already brought much success with his first ever EP (courtesy of E Sound Records) enjoying a one month long stay in the Beatport Progressive house chart. Subsequent appearances on Sound Avenue and Stellar Fountain have already made Desaturate a house hold name in the progressive underground and he’s sure to build on that with an excellent interpretation of ‘I See’. An acidic groove lays down a menacing foundation while long spacey sweeps and tension filled tones pierce the air. Trailing effects and ultrasonic designs fuel the first act and drive the track into an ominous break. The one minute interlude builds anticipation with crunchy rhythms and waves of percussion before a dynamic sweep brings the beats back for a magical dance floor moment. Excellent interpretation from Desaturate which rounds out another superb release on Dopamine Music. Don’t miss it.

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