AudioStorm – Earth Needs More Love EP (Sleepless Nights Recordings)

The latest release from Sleepless Nights Recordings welcomes AudioStorm back to the label with a brand new EP entitled ‘Earth Needs More Love’.

AudioStorm - Earth Needs More Love

It’s a been a relatively quiet start to 2015 for the Irish imprint with Avende’s SNR Showcase 005 EP being the lone release in late March. Now for the labels 28th offering Soulfinder and Vincent Furlong have put together a sensational release with two brand new originals from AudioStorm alongside remixes from Ewan Rill and Robert R. Hardy.

AudioStorm played an integral role in the great year Sleepless Nights had in 2014. The Montenegrin producer not only delivered his ‘Million Faces’ single in June but also supplied two tracks to the labels critically acclaimed ADE compilation released in October. There’s definitely a timeless progressive element to his productions which fits the Sleepless Nights music policy so it’s no surprise to see him back on board here with two beauties ‘Earth Needs More Love’ and ‘About Future’. The former sets an amazing vibe straight away with an intro of floaty textures and big bassy swells, which work in wonderful harmonic unison together. The kick doesn’t drop until after the three minute mark and it’s a amazing moment when it does. The warm fluid groove works through a variety of bass modulation over the first half while the drum and atmospheric elements continue to develop. A vocally motif plays big part in the emotional progression of the piece as it sweeps though the framework during a blissful yet classy apex. Certainly one of the best moments in AudioStorm’s career. On ‘About Future’ we get a more uptempo but equally gorgeous creation. Vibrant drum elements, sweeping textures and a driving groove make for an energetic first half. The break introduces a spoken word narrative which eventually dissipates to reveal a strong melodic theme that takes you further into dreamland. A stripped back portion of the groove soon returns and to great effect as the track slowly rebuilds itself for a very strong finish. Two beautiful productions from AudioStorm.

The lone interpretation of ‘Earth Needs More Love’ is provided Robert R. Hardy who is making his first appearance on Sleepless Nights Recordings. The Hungarian producer seems to be at the top of everyone’s remixer list this year and with good reason. Robert’s deep and sultry grooves are finding their way into a variety of sets and with each passing production he seems to be closer to perfecting his craft. For his ‘Earth Needs More Love’ interpretation Robert has taken the lazy, laid back groove from the original and reshaped it into something more uptempo and club friendly. Clattering drums and a funky foundation lay down a great groove while waves of rhythmic elements and lush atmospheres develop a great storyboard. It all makes for a pleasing journey and one which complements the original very well. Excellent remix from Robert.

The lone interpretation of ‘About Future’ is provided by Ewan Rill who is returning to Sleepless Nights Recordings for his second appearance. The Russian producer and Sever records boss remixed GSEP’s ‘Holy House’ in April of last year for the label which was a huge success, and most recently had his remix for Suffused Music charted by Cid Inc. It’s another busy week for Ewan as his remix for Nicolas Rada’s ‘Mephistopheles’ is due out but somehow he always manages to bring quality work regardless of the production volume. Out of all the artists in the progressive underground Ewan is one of the best for crafting infectious club grooves and his ‘About Future’ interpretation showcases that once again. Following a DJ friendly intro strong rhythmic tones, a chugging groove and the vocal storyboard carry the track through an energetic first act. The main break features a soft textural overlay which develops into a very memorable motif while the nearly inaudible vocals play further havoc on your senses. Following a calculated build the bouncy groove and bubbly melodies reappear for a third act which lifts the track even closer to the heavens. Lovely remix from Ewan and a very strong release from Sleepless Nights Recordings, one of their all time best in fact.

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