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Benzene – Never Enough EP (Crossfade Sounds)


The new side project of Bollen & Fichtner aka Benzene returns to Crossfade Sounds this week for the labels 8th overall release. The Benzene alias made its production debut on Crossfade Sounds mammoth ‘Crossing Borders’ compilation with a collaboration in conjunction with Audiotox & Watson entitled ‘Argentium’. Benzene now steps up to deliver their first EP for the label entitled ‘Never Enough’ which comes with remixes from: Robert Solva, Ariane Blank and Vinayak A.

The ‘Never Enough’ original begins with a tough kick along with some shuffling electronics and clanky drums which get a nice groove going early. Dark tones, airy vocal pads and meandering electronics lead the track to smooth climax with features the ominous vocal bits and late night tones providing some wicked atmosphere. A sure fire winner for the back rooms! The lone remix of ‘Never Enough’ comes from Robert Solva who is making his debut appearance on Crossfade Sounds. Robert hails from Belgium and his progressive tech house sound has already found its way onto basic Groove, BR Selections and Midnight Mood Records. Robert’s ‘Never Enough’ interpretation proves to be a great complement to the original as it comes with more of a driving, energetic vibe. The grinding bass line is the ultimate momentum generator and when combined with the forceful drums and escalating atmosphere you got a dance floor monster in the making. Great stuff from Robert.

The second original on the package is entitled ‘The Hypnotist’ and it comes with a much techier and quirkier vibe. The sounds are really fresh and the way they wrap themselves around the groove is really mesmerizing. The track reaches a smooth climax with the faint vocal pads escalating in the backdrop as the grungy washed out electronics and dynamic groove keep the energy rocking. The first remix of ‘The Hypnotist’ comes from Ariane Blank who is well known not only for her Deep Tech House sound but for her Shoes, Bags and Boys label out of Frankfurt, Germany which has been releasing excellent music since 2010. Ariane’s ‘The Hypnotist’ interpretation strips things right down and provides a wickedly spacious groove that’s accented with clattering drums, subtle rhythmic tones and fresh sounding electronics. The final remix on the package comes from Vinayak A who has long been one of India’s most recognizable artists and over the course of 2012 he really staked his claim as one of the genre’s most unique and exciting producers. At year’s end he had a string of amazing releases on Sound Avenue, Mesmeric, Festival Lounge and Proton’s highly influential Compiled & Mixed Series. After a solid remix for Andrew K’s Vise Versa Music to begin the year Vinayak has delivered another great remix here. The Indian producer has laid down an incredibly funky groove which is surrounded by a wealth of psychedelic electronics and haunting vocal elements. The rumbling groove is totally infectious and the quirkiness of the sounds just adds even more dance floor funk. A great way to close the package out and one of Vinayak’s most floor friendly creations to date. Top stuff from Crossfade Sounds who are really blurring genres nicely. Release Promo Hype Chart #8

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