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Bowline – Dynobooty (Kyubu Records)

The third release on Kyubu Records is out this week and it not only continues but builds on the strong momentum the label has generated thus far. Simon Wright and Denis Le Breton make up the Bowline production team and here they make their Kyubu debut with ‘Dynobooty’ which includes remixes from Quivver, Autobuss and Bricolage.

The original mix leads the release off with a cool, chunky groove that comes with some really fresh techno sensibilities. The rhythmic tones have a unique polish and the shuffling beats in combination with the surrounding electronics only further the elusiveness of the production. It’s rare to hear something this inspiring from a new name on the scene but ‘Dynobooty’ is definitely an exception. Can’t wait to hear more from Bowline.

The lead remix on the release is supplied by John Graham aka Quivver who would have to be considered one of the most storied producers of the last 20 years. His early outings on Perfecto have long been regarded as some of electronic music’s most influential moments and his recent work for Toolroom and Bedrock is just as inspiring. John’s done a marvellous job on his ‘Dynobooty’ remix with an interpretation that opens the track up to a much broader range of dance floors. Quivver’s grooves are unmistakable and this one’s loaded with enough swing to capsize a large boat. Laced with dark stabs, trippy delays and downright wicked percussion this is one production that’s going to go down huge on all the darker more clued up dance floors out there.

The second interpretation sees Bowline teaming up with Kyubu residents TR20 for the Autobuss remix. The four man production team have stayed relatively true to the main themes from the original while adding an even more techno inspired vibe. The stripped nature of the groove is undeniably contemporary and allows the unique rhythms to shine just that much more. The grainy sound design which really becomes more apparent during the main break adds a unique character which seems to be under constantly evolving modulation. Makes for an incredibly interesting listen and thus should have the full attention of your dance floor. Great Collaboration from Bowline and TR20.

The third and final mix on the release comes from Bowline. For their ‘Bricolage’ interpretation of ‘Dynobooty’ Bowline have upped the tempo just a touch and added a unique array of fresh sounds and scattered percussion. This is actually my favourite version on the release, even after several listens it’s still incredibly captivating and the energetic drive is exactly what the release needed to make it just that much more well rounded. Outstanding stuff from Bowline.

What Kyubu has been able to accomplish in just three releases is quite inspiring. With a combination of fresh and exciting new artists and tried and tested veterans the label has done more with three releases than most do with twenty. Their 3rd release is exceptional and the future looks very bright for this imprint. highly Recommended.

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