Breeze and Quadrat – The Best Of (Clinique Recordings)

Denis Breeze and Nikita Quadrat make up the well known production duo ‘Breeze and Quadrat’. These long time friends hail from Murmansk, Russia and are well known for many top productions on Armada, Mistique Music and their own imprints BQ Recordings and Clinique. Their discography dates back to 2009 and has featured a wide range of quality productions that progressive house fans have enjoyed. For the 16th release on their Clinique Recordings imprint Denis and Nikita have complied a ten tracks best of collection from the duos most well received productions in recent years.

There are some real standouts here such as the soulful, deep sounds of ‘Indra’. Silky smooth late night vocals and an expansive atmosphere filled with intricate drum work and smooth sweeps. When the uniquely arranged clap pattern drops in you can really feel that late night vibe growing. It’s one of those tunes that just has an incredible sense about it. The main break focuses on a sparse atmosphere and those amazing vocals which create a remarkably sombre mood. As the break builds back up there are a set of soft synths that raise the tension just enough to get the hairs on the back of your neck standing on end. Just a fabulous tune from Breeze and Quadrat.

Many fans may remember ‘You Are My Dream’ which originally appeared on the Russian label Underground City Music. The ‘Prog Mix’ is featured here and comes with a nice uptempo groove and a trippy atmospheric vibe. The warm, full sounding groove has a lovely element of electronic soul in the form of the lush vocal elements which really hit the spot.

Lastly we choose to highlight ‘2010 SO16’ which originally appeared on Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic’s Mistique Music imprint. The atmosphere at the outset is drifting and incredibly intoxicating. The drums are very prominent here, great patterns and a wicked metallic sheen over them that just adds so much vibrancy and pop. As the track builds up the bass line really starts to rumble and the overall energy is quite high even for a deeper sounding piece. The breakdown is short and really just a brief ambient interlude to enhance the mood which works brilliantly. The second half sees some new synth elements phasing in and out of the mix with a killer hypnotic effect that closes the track out very strong.

All things considered this is a very strong collection from Breeze and Quadrat. The pair have had a great career thus far and something tells me they are just getting started. Expect many more great productions from these two long time Russian friends in the near future. Release Promo Hype Chart Top 25

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