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Christian Ulstrup – Where The Girls Go EP (Crossfade Sounds)

Crossfade Sounds returns this week with another exciting new artist debut on the label. Christian Ulstrup may be better known for being part of the Creature Comforts production team but here he makes his solo studio debut. The D.C born but now Los Angeles based producer has crafted five unique cuts for his ‘Where The Girls Go’ EP which after a quick listen seems to fit perfectly into the labels contemporary electronica policy.

‘Where The Girls Go’ presents a lazy and warped sounding groove that is immediately captivating. The well textured electronic hooks have a cool organic feeling about them and the overall analog feeling here is very welcome. The second cut ‘Fiction’ ups the tempo quite a bit and presents a starker sounding techno vibe. Unique vocal stabs and a growling underbelly really make a huge impact throughout and the unpredictable modulation is an absolute treat for your senses. The drummy ‘Honey’ is next and the theme of well processed and mildly warped sounds is explored even further. This is an absolute joy to listen to as there are so many unique sounds and twists throughout the tracks nearly 8 minute duration. The somewhat sinister sounding vocal elements complement the unique sound design perfectly as well.

The fourth cut ‘Grotesque’ is a heavy techno piece with lots of wonderfully processed granular electronics and a very deliberate groove which carries some nice dance floor punch. Some hopelessly cool vocal hooks complement the groove mightily while some grinding sweeps more than obliterate your senses throughout. The EP is finished off with ‘Where They All Go’ which slows the tempo down and presents some very clever beats along with subtle melodic accents and a very heavy, almost electric sounding backdrop. Everything here is incredibly unique and certainly a much more enjoyable listen than most club oriented records. Another great signing from Crossfade Sounds and we hope to hear more from Christian in the near future. Highly Recommended.

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