Click Box Reveals Why Industry Relationships Can Be So Important

Click Box talks to us about going alone and reveals how relationships can make a big difference in today’s scene…

Click Box, can you tell us a bit about when you first got into electronic music? Who was big in Brazil back then?

Click Box: I started Djing in 1994, playing pop music like all…. From Depeche Mode to RPM (Local Brazilian band), Rock N’ Roll, Dance Music, etc…..

In 1996 I went to this club called Hell’s Club, I think they was the first after party / club in Brazil, after this day I lost my job in the club I was resident cause in the next Monday I went to the record shop and I bought a case of house, techno and tech house. It was insane and really fun, that night changed my life!

Brazil has always had a reputation for d&b. Was house and techno big when you were growing up too?

Click Box: Yes, Mark Mark is the D&B guy and for sure one of the most important persons inside de Electronic Scene in Brazil. He was super important to put the Brazilian scene inside the worldwide electronic circuit. Beause him we started tio export music in all kinds of style like Techno, house, etc.

Which artists in the Brazilian scene inspire you?

Click Box: Names like Ale Reis (aka. STEKKE), Cesrv, Klankvol, Dee Bufalo, Felipe Charret, Tati Pimont, Oliver Gattermayr, Doriva Rozek, Felipe Eduardo, Davis, Natália Brückner, Pedro Zopelar and some others, sorry if I forgot someone. We so many of good djs and producers here at this time.

So how did you end up forming Click Box?

Click Box: In 2003 I decided to make some tracks, different directions that I was doing during this time, then I showed those tracks for some friends and they really enjoyed, after this I started to produce like an album / live and in the middle of 2004 I had like 10 tracks done, I invited my ex-partner Marco to do something together with me, then I decided to invite him to be a part of Click Box….. All was easy…. I think when its easy like this…. Like “FLOW” its more fun ☺

Click Box now just consists of you only, whereas it was once just you and your partner. What led to this decision?

Click Box: I think the music directions was the point and I begin the Click Box alone, all the time I was the front guy from Click Box in all like music direction, in the decisions, etc, and the day he decided to change the way to make music I also decided to be alone again as in the beginning. Nothing changed for me, Still the same and now I can do whatever I want. For me it’s more fun and I’m enjoining this new time from Click Box.

Were you ever tempted to drop the Click Box moniker altogether and go out with a new name?

Click Box: Yes, I have another project called Dro-P and some other projects with another friends but Click Box is my main focus. I love what I do with Click Box.

How do you find working together with someone else differs with working on your own?

Click Box: It’s 2 different situations, alone it’s easy but if you have another one 1 or 2 or 5 or 10 people in the same “vibe” is also cool to work.

Do you get more done on your own, for example? Do you still ask people for creative input once you’re finished music (and before you release it)?

Click Box: Yes, all the time! This is really important! Beside Click Box I also work as producer for bands and some people get confused when you said you are producer. My point of view is: the producer sometimes is not the guy that makes the music, the producer is the guys behind the music, you understand me? Like, the producer can look to a track from other people and feel something different than you, like this is good or not, this can be released there or in another place, whatever, but this happens more inside the pop, roc, rnb, scene, etc, I think inside the electronic scene the producers are your friends and djs, they are your “radio”, you finish a track, you gave this track for some djs, they play the track and they give you a feedback like, change this, move that, or this is good or this is shit, in the end they are like your “producers”. For me It’s really important and since the beginning I do that. In the beginning of Click Box, Magda, Troy Pierce and Marc House was really important giving directions for the Click Box songs.

The sound on your Silencio release is quite different to what we’ve heard from you before. How would you describe your new direction in terms of your sound?

Click Box: Last year I had an accident 5 minutes before a gig and because this situation I had to stay around 3 months inside my home, after one month I moved my studio to my living room and I started to make music thinking about nothing, no directions, no nothing, just felling the groove and my spiritual fellings, after this I sent the tracks for my long time friend Rudy ( The label manager from Silencio ), he listened to the tracks and he invite me to be part of the casting of the label. That was the gasoline to makes me feel live again after the bad situation I had. For me it’s like a new begin.

And how best would you describe the vibe you were going for with your Silencio EP?

House, minimal, techno, deep, mental and flow!

Do you still play live now you’re on your own or are you DJing too?

Click Box: Yes I’m still doing the two things, now I’m working on my new live tour, I will start around the next month, July / August.

You really reached some success a few years ago with Minus. How do you look back on that period of your life?

Click Box: Was amazing, during this time we was like a family, the music was also really good and fresh, I really enjoyed and I still enjoy my job, my life, my family like friends I did during this time! It was a good moment of my life! I will never forget.

What’s next up for you that we should be looking out for?

Click Box: I dunno, I’m also never know, specially after this accident, I changed the way to see things around me, my spiritual side gets bigger than me and this change the way I make music also….. Sometimes I do the same question to me in front of the mirror: Pedro what I can expect from you? Hahahahaha! Whe never know J

Finally, can you name up 5 producers whose music you’re really feeling at the moment?

Click Box: Can I say 10 names? Please!!!!! hahahaha

Barac,Tomas Bodeler, Kepler, Mariano, Stefan Dichev, Sepp, Dana Ruh, MOI, Franco Cinelli & Laughing Man.


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