Cristian R & Kasall – The Human EP (System Recordings)

System Recordings returns this week with not only two exciting artist debuts but a debut collaboration as well. Progressive House producers Cristian R and Kasall have both had decent success in their solo careers with appearances on Soundteller, Baroque, Asymmetric and Mirabilis Records. This week sees their first collaborations together being unveiled by prominent US label System Recordings. Both Cristian and Kasall have some very unique production qualities so this EP promises to be exceptional.

Fans of Cristian love the smooth, dreamy sound he generally presents and it’s melded perfectly with Kasall’s tech house / progressive hybrid style. The first cut ‘Crux’ is a wonderful slice of deep, atmospheric prog house. The spacey electronic qualities are a standout element along with the vibrant selection of drums which prevent the track from losing it’s great dance floor appeal. The gentle hypnotic build which runs through the main break provides not only a great interlude but delivers just enough tension to make the return of the beats that much more intense. The companion piece ‘The Human’ sounds like ‘Crux’s’ little brother in many ways. The same smooth grooves apply here but the surrounding atmospheres are a touch dreamier and even more intoxicating. The trippy sound design during the main break is another subtle addition which just ups the mood setting abilities of the record that much further. Two great cuts from Cristian and Kasall here which makes for a great debut collaboration and a solid release from System Recordings once again!

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