Daraspa – Art of Illusion EP (Sound Avenue)

The 28th release on Sound Avenue finds label head Dominique Heyninck once again reaching into the far depths of his A&R abilities. Sound Avenue is not only presenting a new artist to the label but also the world as this is the debut release for an exciting new producer from the Netherlands. Patrick Krom aka Daraspa sent a demo into Sound Avenue when they were searching for new tracks for their ‘We Are The Future’ compilation. Dominique was so blown away by the freshness of what Daraspa had sent in that the only thing that made sense was to offer him an EP release on Sound Avenue. Oh and the amazing thing is Patrick has only been producing for 18 months! Daraspa’s debut EP for Sound Avenue is entitled ‘Art Of Illusion’ and it comes with three brand new original productions.

From the moment the EPs first offering ‘Sashke’ cuts through the air you can tell there is something special here. The crisp beats, cool hypnotic rhythms and wavering synths all meld together for a hazy blur of electronic energy. As the piece builds the waning atmospheric backdrop and shifting harmonics conjure up some impassioned emotions which sets the piece even further apart. The delicately grinding energy and almost sentimental or nostalgic themes which flow through the composition are what dance floor memories are made of. You hear people talk about electronic soul, well this has that in spades.

The second composition ‘Carfre’ offers a funkier and more spacious framework. The rolling groove is once again accented with alluring atmospheres and vibrant electronics which heighten the senses nicely. This leads to the main drop which is an expertly crafted interlude of trippy proportions. The deeply mesmerizing break is complemented with a trail of the alien-like vocal lines which sets the stage perfectly for the return of the thunderous groove and ultimately a heavenly conclusion.

The third and final composition ‘Kensa’ closes the EP out with a tasteful disposition. The well textured beats, wobbly electronics and crisp claps lay down a great vibe early. As the track builds waves of ambience soon engulf the groove for what results in a spiraling vortex of hypnotic rhythms. This leads to an expansive break which slowly weaves its way through the atmospheric tension and waves of wobbly bass tones. Once the kick drops back in the rolling energy builds to a momentous conclusion that rounds the EP out nicely.

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