Deepfunk – Absent Illusion (Mesmeric Records)

The latest release on Mesmeric Records finds label artist Deepfunk returning for a brand new two track EP.

Deepfunk - Absent Illusion

The French founded but now Australia based label made a triumphant return to the scene in July with the release of ‘Solstice’ by Colombian producer Nicolas Agudelo. The timeless progressive release also featured a techno interpretation by King Unique which was met with rave reviews. Mesmeric keeps that momentum rolling with a brand new EP from Deepfunk entitled ‘Absent Illusion’. 

Deepfunk recently released his second project on Beachcoma which has turned out to be one of his strongest offerings yet this year. The mid tempo electronica cuts were filled with cool beats and warped themes which I’ve gone back and listened to quite a bit in recent months. The title track here ‘Absent Illusion’ finds Deepfunk with more brilliance as several indistinct motifs intertwine for the ultimate psychedelic sound collage. The uniqueness of the beats keeps your feet alert while a well thought out storyboard makes sense of the hazy madness for what results in an exhilarating journey.

The companion piece ‘Weeping Flower’ comes with a more direct dance floor approach. Beginning with some mean bass stabs there’s some measurable funk projecting from the foundation. Layered beats and an ominous overlay bring the track into a short break where a quirky electronic motif rises to the forefront. Deepfunk’s design always sounds quite fresh and it definitely does here again as a one minute assault on your senses ensues before a calm entry into the main break. Here another mildly tweaked theme gets introduced while the foundation churns and builds tension for the return of the beats. It all comes together in a somewhat melancholic third act which lifts the vibe just enough for a classy conclusion. Two brilliant cuts from Deepfunk and great release from Mesmeric Records.

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