Demenz’s Talent Has Moved Him Beyond Venezuela’s Troubled Times

DJ and producer Demenz is one of those rare, undiscovered special artists you’re lucky to find.

His unique production style, tells his own story

Hi Demenz, glad to have you on CU! How has your 2019 been? Any exciting gigs or projects?

Hello guys, thank you for having me! 2019 has been great so far, I have been working a lot in the studio and I have a couple of new projects incoming. The first one is a music production project with my friend Moig called “Street Gemz,” where we are editing acapellas that we love and adding our own signature music. The first release has already been played at big festivals like: Sunwaves Festival (Romania), Ultra Music Fest (USA), Awakenings (Holland), Monegros Dessert (Spain), and Sonar (Spain), to name a few. The other incoming project is a new party concept called “Be Happy Aqui” where we want to bring a fresh experience to the Miami scene by bringing artists that haven’t played here before and experiment with new ideas.

You’re from Venezuela, now based in Miami. Can you tell us about your experience moving to a new country and the challenges associated with the move?

Yes, I’m originally from Valencia, Venezuela. I have been living in Miami for a couple of years now and it hasn’t been easy at all. It started with my job at Underfull Label. Thanks to that job and multiple gig offers I managed to get my artist visa to live here. It’s hard to start again from scratch in a different country where you don’t know too many people and it was a real challenge to get involved in the scene here but so far it has been worth it and I am grateful with Miami and all the people in the music industry that have supported me.

How do you find inspiration to make music? Can you describe what your process for making music is like?

Yes, about my process, normally I will start making music in the mornings after walking my dog. I like to make music in the mornings when I have more energy and am more focused. Sometimes I find myself inspired with music Ideas while I’m walking my dog or when I’m taking a shower. Listening to other genres also helps, I like to take ideas from other genres that I love and apply them to my music.

What do you perceive to be your strengths and weaknesses as a producer?

About my strengths: I like to think that I have a pretty good ear for tuning and also for selecting which sounds combine well one another. My biggest weakness would probably be getting easily distracted from time to time, I usually need to close all my browser tabs and anything else that can take focus away from making music.

When do you have more fun when you’re playing or when you’re producing?

I love both playing and making music, I think nowadays I do both with the same love the only thing that varies is the ambient and place.

Could you share two tracks you’ve been playing lately? What do you like about them?


Lee Burton – Le coq

Love this track, I’ve been playing it again lately, it’s perfect to start a dark night properly, it’s groovy, hypnotic and sexy.

Carloh – Ein traum

This track speaks for itself, just listen.

How do you spend your time outside of music ?

Different things, I always try to do something new and discover new places that I don’t know. I enjoy going to the beach, practising sports, hanging out with friends and changing my routine.


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