Dmitry Molosh – I Feel It (Superordinate Music)

The latest release on Superordinate Music welcomes Dmitry Molosh to the label for his debut EP.

Dmitry Molosh - I Feel It

Launched in June of this year London based Superordinate Music has gotten off to a great start. Following releases from Nae-Tago & Squillante, Pad One and Mark Found, label boss Nae-Tago is committed to delivering the best in contemporary progressive music, and the labels latest from Dmitry Molosh certainly does that.

Belarus based producer Dmitry Molosh has been thriving since the beginning of the year with both Hernan Cattaneo and Guy J becoming supporters of his music. He’s become known for his modern twist on that old school progressive sound and one of his recent productions ‘High’, got featured by Hernan in his recent Moonpark set. Being both incredibly prolific and consistent Dmitry has delivered two very strong productions here. The EP gets under way with ‘I Feel It’ which might be one of Dmitry’s strongest creations this year. It’s drummy, house oriented groove is full of warmth and just carries a nice energetic bounce. The accompanying vocal elements, tripped out designs and pulsating bass tones bring wonderful momentum which the scattered claps chop up nicely. The main break does not let the energy dissipate either with the foundation staying primarily intact while a tastefully build brings the beats back for a great moment.

The companion piece ‘Wanderer’ comes with a similar drum design but an even chunkier groove. There are some deadly hooks locked in that bass line and following a short break the track really comes to life with a complement of growling synths. It’s heads down moving forward before a second and even more sinister break brings the heat with another well crafted build and electric conclusion. Two monster tunes from Dmitry and a top release from Superordinate Music, the best on the label so far in fact. Don’t miss it.

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