Episode 12 | Dave Juric

This week our global talent search takes us to Australia, as Melbourne based DJ, Dave Juric supplies our latest ‘Undiscovered’ mix.

Hi Dave, what made you decide to start DJing?

I started Djing maybe 13/14 years ago. I really got into it because of my brother. He was the one with the decks and all the music. I went to university next to a second-hand record store and just started collecting music that I liked. It all kind of stemmed from there!

Can you remember your first gig? Where was it and did you rock it?

I certainly do! My first ever gig was at Luke Fair’s Balance Launch at F4 (now New Guernica). I got a really late call up and was on at 9pm in the side room. I remember a few of my friends came along and kept me company as there weren’t many people in the club that early. It was a really fun night and I played pretty well I thought!

What’s the local underground scene like for the music you play? Plus where are the best places to play?

The scene here in Melbourne is, and always has been pretty amazing. No matter what genre, there’s a scene for you. I play a whole heap of different styles so luckily, I’ve been able to play at a range of different venues over the years. My favs over the years have been Brown Alley, New Guernica, My Aeon, Railway Hotel (RIP!) and the last few years Pawn & Co has by far been my favourite.

Talk to us about your DJ setup when you’re performing? How would you describe your style?

I’m a simple man behind the decks, just give me a couple of CDJs and a mixer and I’m good to go. My style? Without getting into genres, I like music that has warmth and groove to it. That said of late I’ve been really getting into this spaced-out vortexy style of techno which hasn’t got a lot of warmth at all to it haha. Music that makes you happy or music that makes you get lost on a dance floor. I guess that’s my style.

How often are you DJing?

This summer has been pretty crazy, I’ve been playing a couple of times a weekend on average.

Do the promoters you know take chances on local talent? Or are they mainly booking big names? And who are the best local names?

Something that makes Melbourne so great is that we really do give a lot of love to our locals. At the big festivals, they often get provided with amazing opportunities alongside the big names and more often than not hold their own or even surpass the headliners in skill and quality. Who are the best local names? I’m going to give you top 3 otherwise I’ll be here all day. Simon Murphy, Scott Freedman and J-Slyde.

How difficult was it at the start to get promoters to take you seriously and what strategies have you used to get their attention?

Initially my opportunities arose from being totally immersed in the scene. Going to events, socialising, meeting new people and just having fun. I never really went out to ‘network’ it all stemmed from a mutual love for the music. From there you end up meeting people who have influence and run parties and I just made sure that my music got in their hands and they knew that I was keen.

The best thing I did when I first started was start my own nights. Promoters start to take notice of you when you’re running your own parties. It’s also a great way to fast-track your ‘career’ as people will often book you if you’ve booked them in the past.

What’s the thing you most love about being a DJ?

Being able to play music that I love. It’s pretty simple really. Watching a dance floor react to whatever it is you’re playing and being totally in the zone. There’s not a lot better.

What’s been your biggest achievement this year?

A couple of months back I was lucky enough to warm up for one of my all-time favourite artists, James Zabiela for the launch of his Balance CD. A really great experience, and a totally lovely guy as well! The mix I’ve submitted is hugely influenced by that night and his release.

What’s coming up next?

After a whirlwind summer things are slowly starting to die down. I’m supporting Freestylers next month which I’m really excited about. I love my breaks and only get to bring it out a few times a year so that’s going to be heaps of fun. Beyond that, just some cool local parties.

11. Finally, please share with us your current top 5

1. Carl Finlow – Hashtag (Radioactive Man Remix) [Electrix Recordings]

2. Yello – Bostich (DJ Hell 2018 Remix) [International DeeJay Gigolo Records]

3. Moor – Falkor [Ovum Recordings]

4. Automatic Tasty – Field in the Morning [Lunar Disko]

5. Doc Martin, Joeski – Vajra [Poker Flat Recordings]


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