Episode 21 | Be.The.Flow

“In a world, in which there is no pause button, in which you are constantly getting overwhelmed by news and information, it is viable for everyone to find some kind of room to escape.

Some people might argue that you are running from reality or that you are trying to hide, but what is reality in the first place?

The moment I turn to music, I do not escape “the real world”, I enter it. It is my reality, full of my emotions. We all know, life can be tough. Especially when it comes to everyday life, we tend to loose focus of the things that make us happy. Fortunately, I have found my way to avoid being soaked into a pattern of constantly repeating things I do not burn to do. As soon as I start DJing, playing live or start producing a new track, I feel free, I feel like me. I loose track of the time, thus making the most of me. Psychologists call it FLOW.

So, I am inviting you to join me and experience happiness and freedom through music. Just be.the.flow.

Every time I start working on a new piece of music, I am aiming towards these unique moments of observing the crowd going crazy about it, being lost in music and having entered their own reality. For me personally, there is nothing more powerful than these moments full of emotion, touching people’s hearts and releasing the urge to dance. All the tracks I produce should fulfill this criteria.”


What do you think?

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