Episode 30 | ND Catani

ND Catani’s hybrid melodic sound has already landed him on the radar of some of world’s leading blogs and labels

Hey Andy, where are you based and how did you first get hooked on dance music?

I’m based in Luxembourg and for those who don’t know, it’s a tiny country in the heart of Europe, between Germany, Belgium and France.

I first got hooked when I was watching TV with my sister. She always looked MTV and it was beginning/mid-nineties so every second clip was a dance track and I hated them.

Later on with 15/16 years after my Metal period, I met a guy who was spinning electronic music and then I got hooked, going to my first techno parties and bought first turntables and didn’t stopped till now.

Who are the people that most inspire you in dance music right now?

Hot Since 82, Ame, Josh Butler, Eats Everything, Beatamines, Lane 8, Tinlicker

How would you describe the style of music you’re making and which major labels have you featured on?

It’s a blend of tech-house, progressive house and techno. Till now the biggest label I released recently is Lauter Unfug Musik.

Is there any philosophy behind the music you’re creating?

Not really. I experiment and try. If It sounds good I’m adding other elements and when I’m really motivated, I arrange the whole thing ?

What have been some of the biggest highlights from your career to date?

Released remixes of Ian Carey, Get shaky & Martin Solveig – Hello

Talk to us about your latest release and who’s been supporting it? Are they usually supporting your music and are all the people you look up to supporting your music?

Traxsource and Beatport were supporting my latest release. Oliver Koletzki’s Stil Vor Talent also posted it on their Soundcloud. Beatport and Traxsource usually supports my music too.

Are there any more goals with the artists you want to get support on and the labels you want to appear on?

Of course there are a lot of Labels & Artists I want to work with, especially Anjunadeep, it’s my favourite label since many years. We’ll see if I can figure this out. But for the moment I’m already really happy with my achievements and as long as I have fun with my music, I will not stop.

Tell us about your DJ setup when you’re performing. Any plans to perform live?

My set up is really standard, Pioneer or Xone Mixer and a pair or 3 CDJS. Yes I’m planning to perform live one day, but there’s still a lot of work to do.

What’s coming next?

There are releases planned on Lauter Unfug, Mad Hatter, Soundteller recordings and other ones that have to be confirmed.


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