Erdi Irmak – We Won’t Sleep Tonight EP (Intemporal Music)

Hugo Ibarra and Uvo’s Intemporal Music returns for their much anticipated second release this week.

erdi irmak the hit

The newly formed Mexican imprint gave us Dark Soul Project’s ‘Dancing To The Moon’ EP back in July and it was regarded by many as one of the best label debuts of the year. For Intemporal’s second release we see Erdi Irmak making his first appearance on the label with a brand new EP entitled ‘We Won’t Sleep Tonight’.

Following a year in which many regarded him as one of the top 5 underground producers Erdi has stepped up even larger in 2014. Key releases on Movement Recordings and Proton’s Particles have carved out his uniquely tailored sound a notch further and the lead track here ‘The Hit’ might just be the crowning achievement of his career. Highlighted by a tough, tech house groove, mesmerizing tempos and playful harmonies it’s sure to be a delight for long time fans of the Turkish producer. An underbelly of aquatic rhythms and bassy textures provides a unique and character rich foundation that is incredibly powerful. As the piece builds its surging rhythms and flickering hypnotics seem to intensify which each passing loop. The drummy, tension filled main break pushes things a notch further and a second half filled with iridescentmelodic hooks ultimately drives the track to a rousing finish. 

The companion piece ‘We Won’t Sleep Tonight’ finds Erdi taking a deeper more minimal approach. The Turkish producers finely polished tech house framework lays down a wonderful foundation while an intricate layer of electronics tantalizes the senses. The appearance of a piercing pad ups the tension for a moment and summons in a funky set of bass tones. As additional rhythmic components get added in the groove pushes forward with additional vigor. The second half offers more variance with a spooky array of vocal elements teasing the mix to an ominous yet exhilarating conclusion. Long regarded as one of Turkey’s finest progressive house producers Erdi has delivered two of his all time best and most versatile studio creations here. An outstanding second release for Intemporal. Don’t miss it.

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