Erreome & John Cosani – Andromeda (BC2 Records)

BC2 Records latest release features a brand new collaboration from Erreome and John Cosani.

Erreome & John Cosani

Balkan Connection’s BC2 offshoot returns this week for the labels 27th overall release. It features a collaboration from Erreome and John Cosani who hail from Spain and Argentina respectively. The result of their first ever studio work together has yielded two tracks ‘Andromeda’ and ‘Afterego’ which are accompanied by remixes from Julian Rodriguez and Monojoke.

The lead track ‘Andromeda’ sets a great tone with a deep, atmospheric groove. The hypnotic drive of the track is quite powerful and a subtle tension slowly builds as the main breakdown draws nearer. The swirling interlude comes with a an amazing climax as a barrage of electronics and cool vocal loops reach a swirling peak. Should be an amazing moment on the dance floor. The lone remix of ‘Andromeda’ is provided by Julian Rodriguez who is making his first appearance on BC2. The Argentinean producer has found time out of running Massive Harmony Records to provide a great remix here. With a bit more of a traditional progressive house slant Julian has added an underlying emotion which proves to be a great complement to the more dance floor oriented original.

The second original on the release ‘Afterego’ is a deep, techy construction that seems to fit the vibes of a back room quite nicely. Big sound swells and a tension filled backdrop complement the stripped down groove quite nicely. It’s a very brooding piece and one that can change the atmosphere of a room quickly. The lone remix of ‘Afterego’ is provided by Monojoke who is returning to BC2 for his second appearance. The Polish producer has completely overhauled the track into a progressive house bomb that the old school lovers are sure to enjoy. New found melodic themes and a big percussive presence are just some of the highlights. It’s been a feedback favourite and it closes out the release very strong. Great stuff from BC2.

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