Ewan Rill – Defuse EP (Sever Records)

Ewan Rill launches his highly anticipated Sever Records imprint this week with three brand new original productions.

Ewan Rill - Defuse EP

The Russian producer has been one of the most prolific artists around for several years and a quick look at his discography will tell you he’s likely heads down in the studio more often than not. His career began in July of 2011 with an appearance on Balkan Connection’s ‘Balkanians Vol. 11’. He went on to release several originals and remixes on the label that year and still calls it home as he’s now appeared close to 60 times. Fast forward four years and Ewan has amassed close to 350 production credits with no sign of slowing down. Given his torrid release output starting a label definitely makes sense and he’s gotten it off to a great start with the ‘Defuse’ EP.

The release begins with ‘Snake It’ a track written in conjunction with fellow countryman Mind Cure. The Russian duo have collaborated in the past releasing two tracks on Massive Harmony Records almost exactly a year ago. The tough, techy appeal of ‘Snake It’ is quite strong and after a DJ friendly intro we see intricate electronic designs and soft pads making their way into the mix. Rhythmic stabs and waves of percussion drive the track into the main break where the groove disperses in a slow mysterious manner. Following a gaseous interlude and delicate build the beats drop back amidst a foggy atmospheric haze which carries the track into its rousing third act. Excellent stuff from Ewan and Mind Cure.

The EP’s second and also title selection ‘Defuse’ finds Ewan collaborating with Casper whom he has also worked with several times in the past. The duo appeared on Balkan Connection, Baroque Records, Magic Room and Triplefire dating back to mid 2012. ‘Defuse’ finds Ewan and Casper with a tough and funky dance floor number that’s already become a favourite of DJs over the last three weeks. Set against a bed of rolling bass stabs the track carries a good amount of momentum and is likely the strongest dance floor cut on the EP. Fluid chord changes combined with a simple motif carry the track throughout and provide several emotional moments which old school progressive house fans should absolutely love. Beautiful production from Ewan and Casper.

The EPs third and final selection ‘I See’ finds Ewan with his lone solo production here and it certainly rounds the EP out in fine style. As the techist construction on the release it complements the previous two more progressive flavoured pieces quite well. Ewan’s punchy kicks come with a futuristic flair here and the accompanying electronics certainly following suit. As momentum builds a prominent shaker and spacey designs keep the energy high over the relatively dry groove. A set of pulsating stabs and alien-like hooks make for a killer third act and for my money the coolest moment on the EP. It caps off what is promising start for Sever Records which is definitely a label to keep a close eye on this year.

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