Exclusive Premiere and Interview: Giorgia Angiuli – Ofelia (Constant Circles)

We’ve got an exclusive premiere for you from highly respected producer and performer Giorgia Angiuli, ‘Ofelia’, taken from her upcoming ‘Deep Moan’ EP on Just Her‘s Constant Circles. Please enjoy the track and our interview!

How did you get started making electronic music? How do you think your background in classical music has influenced the way you approach making music and your sound?

I began to play music while at university..some friends of mine lent me cds of Autechre, Ellen Allien, Apparat and I was stroke by their music..So I decided to spend some money for buying a little equipment: a computer, Ableton and some synth..and little by little I deeply fell into this new music universe. Surely my classical music knowledge has helped me in composing, since I’ve never used loops or samples from libraries, I’ve always composed my own melodies. When you know music, you can be more confident in writing arrangements.

A lot of people may know you from your work as one half of We Love. Has that project wound down, or is it still ongoing/something you’re hoping to pick up again?

I’ve signed an exclusive 3-year contract for Bpitch Control with my previous audio-video project We Love, a more pop one, but a very cool experience. After 3 years, I felt the urgency to discover new genres and work on a different sound, and I am very proud of how things are going. I love all kind of music and probably I’ll turn my mind over and over across the years – perhaps I’ll have my own band or maybe I’ll play with a string quartet.

Who are some of your biggest musical influences, and how have they shaped your sound?

I love all kind of music, I think that I got many influences from Bach, Radiohead, Bjork, Apparat, Deftones and many more… My research is based on creating new melodies, that can be enchanting, soft and violent in the meantime. Probably this is a reminiscence from my past.

What about your influences specifically within house/electronic music? Who are the DJs, producers, and labels that you go to for inspiration?

At the moment my favourite producers are Efdemin, Dj Koze, Einmusik, Just Her… I really like Dial Record, Kompakt and Ghostly.

This is your debut release on Constant Circles – how did you get hooked up with the label, and what about it appealed as a place to release your music?

I am a big fan of Just Her, she’s a great producer and I really like how she is managing the label; sometimes I think that small labels are more opened and offer better quality: less marketing, more good music. I sent her a demo and fortunately she liked my music!

One of the things that makes your records stand out is the distinctive use of vocals. Is that where you tend to start when beginning a new track, or do you compose some of the other sounds first and then approach the vocal parts?

I don’t have a specific method, but I can say that I never start from the groove…I always start from a melody, it can be a synth, a voice, a pad …and then I usually compose the groove in the end.

There’s been some talk of a new 12 track album on the way from you – can you tell us a bit about that? How does the process of making an album differ from putting together EPs and singles?

I am working on a full album but it’s not simple because I am traveling a lot for my gigs, so it’s not easy to find time to work in studio. I hope to finish it as soon as possible. A full album rounds on a concept, and it’s important to create a flow with an homogenous sound that would not result as annoying.

You’re known as a performer as well as a producer – can you tell us a bit about your setup for playing live and what people can expect to experience at one of your shows?

I play live only and I often change my setup… at the moment I am playing with ableton, livid alias 8 (that I use as mixer), a midi keyboard with pad, theremini, wind akai, jp08, apogee quartet and some toys for kids that I record live…(carillon, flute, toy guns, sounds machine…) Usually I record some parts in my studio with my analogue synth and I add other sounds live, as chords, leads, pad, percussions… I love to play live and I love to feel the energies from the people, I am not that kind of person that is only focused on music.

Where can people catch you performing in the rest of 2016?

They can always check on my Facebook page and gigatools, I have many gigs around Europe 🙂

Thanks a lot for talking to us! Giorgia Angiuli’s ‘Deep Moan’ EP is out on Constant Circles on 26/9/16 with a beautiful remix from Marc DePulse, and you can keep up with her and the label here:

Gioria Angiuli Facebook

Constant Circles Facebook


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