Ferdas Digital feat. Marcie – The Road To The Other World (System Recordings)

The newest release on NYC’s System Recordings come from Ferdas Digital who is returning to the label for his 12th overall appearance. The Russian producer just came off a very impressive outing on Baroque Recordings and his deep progressive sound is starting to get noticed in the electronic music underground. Ferdas Digital’s newest single for System Recordings is entitled ‘The Road To The Other World’ and it comes with a remix from Verche.

The original mix leads the release off with a mid-tempo groove that clocks in at around 100 BPM. The beats are quite heavy and the rumbling underbelly certainly follows suit. What offsets the thick foundation though are the lovely vocals of Marcie which are a standout element here. Sparsely placed and well processed with just the right amount of effects Marcie’s vocals add a heart wrenching element to the dark undertones that feature so heavily in the records framework. It’s a case where the producer knows to just let the vocal do the work for the most part and the results are just perfect. There is also a dub and ambient version included for those more adventurous DJs.

The lone remix is supplied by System Recordings artist Verche who is now making his 24th overall appearance on the US label. My love for the Croatian’s productions is well documented and I think he’s done a marvelous job here as well. Verche has bumped the tempo up to 122 and stripped the production of the vocal. The atmospheric elements have been looped perfectly for the ultimate hypnotic effect and Verche’s character drenched framework sounds as fresh as ever. Given that it’s the only dance floor mix on the release it really stands out but aside from that Verche’s stuff always sounds head and shoulders above most other producers that he tends to get pigeon holed with. Some producers have a very homogeneous sound but Verche has one that’s all his own and he continues to improve on it as time goes by. Love this remix and a very cool release from System Recordings overall.

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