Gemini Voice Archive debut on Suara

Available In Stores November 4th

Suara is a label run by Coyu and its next release is an EP of fist-pumping techno from Gemini Voice Archive.

Gemini Voice Archive is a Spanish based techno duo that has been prevalent on Soma Records, and they very rarely feature tracks on other labels making this a rather special release.

The three original tracks on this EP are dark with sinister undertones that create maximum excitement on a dancefloor with their added intensity.

Adding to the two originals is a remix from Tadeo who’s a stalwart of the Spanish techno scene is that has featured on some of the worlds most respected underground labels such as Token and Planet Rhythm.

Each of the three originals has its own tasty flavour, but our personal favourite is “Forms” which we have been lucky enough to premiere.

Blending metallic textures and shadowy atmosphere, it slowly ramps up the tension with industrial undertones that combine to make the tracks hypnotic groove.

You can pre-order a copy from HERE

Words by Jamie W


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