Genius Spark – Fractal (System Recordings)

US powerhouse System Recordings is back this week with an exciting artist debut on the label. Up and coming producers Fernando Ortiz and Hugo Ibarra make up the Genius Spark production team and the duo has been much talked about in recent weeks. Genius Spark have already appeared on Movement Recordings, Stripped and Sounds of Earth which are three long running and well established imprints. The pair have a good amount of music currently in the pipeline as well and thus Genius Spark looks to enter 2014 as one of the most promising new artist duos. Their debut EP for System Recordings is entitle ‘ Fractal’ and it comes with two brand new original productions.

The title track leads the EP off and not only has it been featured by Hernan Cattaneo on his weekly radioshow but it goes down as Genius Spark’s best work to date. The atmospheric groove is simply divine and the tough, deliberate sounding beats really give it some punch. There is almost a mournful sounding vibe which gets conveyed from the deeper bass tones but the more heavenly sounding top end really creates an interesting contrast. A very spiritual sounding record and one that’s full of deep emotional qualities. The companion piece ‘Human Stripes’ is a funkier and in some ways more melodic creation. There are a wealth of amazing ideas and themes throughout this record. Honestly most producers would be content on just using one or two and churning out an eight minute track that’s relatively dull but Fernando and Hugo have quite masterful intertwined several qualities ideas here. The spacious bass line is loaded with groove which gives the piece a great dance floor presence throughout; and the many melodic themes are transitioned through with an effortless ease that makes for an amazing listening experience. Top notch EP from Fernando and Hugo and a great signing for System Recordings. Highly Recommended.

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