8 Bit Label Boss ‘Gorge’ Reveals His Track Of The Year

We also premiere his new release on Still Hot

Gorge is currently in top shape! His last two EPs on 8Bit and Oliver Schories new label Pracht, reached number 1 in different Deep House Charts. Now he’s back on Still Hot with another bomb.

Hey Pit, what inspires you to continue your journey in this crazy world of electronic music?

It might sound quite pathetic but it is in fact still the love of music. For sure a lot of things have changed over the years but one thing remains: there is always a save place for good music.

What’s the meaning behind your name ‘Gorge’

My windsurfing board was build at the Columbia River “Gorge” back in the days. I really liked the name and made it my artist name.

Who are the people/artists/things that most inspire you? Doesn’t have to be dance related. Can be philosophy, rock stars, anything that is motivational.

Over the last year this has always changed a bit. It used to be other musicians to a large extent but since I started to build my entire new studio from scratch (and it’s still not finished) I also found a lot of inspiration in planning, realizing and of course troubleshooting.

How would you describe the style of music you’re making right now? Does it change from time-to-time? If so, how often? And do you think it’s important to be consistent?

I primarily try to make music that makes people dancing in the club. There are for sure some personal boundaries within genres that I work in, some call it Deep House, some call it Tech House. Rather than the genre, for me it’s more important to have tracks that I can also play in my sets also after a year or two – so sounding timeless to a certain extent is important for me.

You’re known as the co-owner of the label 8 Bit with Nic Curly which is a big favourite here at CU Towers. What’s your philosophy for the label together and are you always agreeing on what should be released?

The philosophy has always been to have good club music that does not (always) need the big room moments but still works in a big room environment. Nick and myself meet every month, listen to the demos we received and then decide what we want to have a closer look at. When we aren’t both 100% sure we play the tracks at our shows to see how the people are responding and take it from there.

Please share one tip for artists who are wanting to work with 8 Bit.

Listen to the music we release and when you think that your sound fits into that catalogue send us a demo.

What have been some of the biggest highlights your year so far? This can be touring, releases or something personal.

One highlight this year certainly was my second #1 spot in the Beatport Deep House Chart with my track “Cataleya”. Another one is the remix from “Der Dritte Raum” on my latest release “Beyond Flatlines” coming on Still Hot Berlin today. I have been a fan for years, so now I’m really happy that we found together on the EP.

Talk to us about your latest release that we premiered and who’s been supporting it?

Personally I think “Beyond Flatlines” is a warm, soulful yet very powerful house tune for the summer. I have been playing it for months now and reactions are always good. First hour supporter was Oliver Schories (he even made me change the instruments a bit and is responsible for the final version) besides that we Karotte, Matthias Tanzmann, Dave Seaman and so on.

Tell us about your DJ setup when you’re performing. Any plans to perform live?

I play with a rather classic set up: 2 Players and a mixer. Playing live is certainly something I have on the list, but this is more likely for 2020.

What are your next goals for 8 Bit and you personally?

To remain solid.

Please share with us your biggest track of 2019 so far.

Franky Rizardo – Cart Wheel


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