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Hair Band Drop-Out – A Nod To Wink (System Recordings)

The latest release on System Recordings features the debut of Andy Dutt aka Hair Band Drop-Out to the label.

hair band drop-out

The UK born but now US based producer has amassed a nice discography since the inception of the alias three years ago. 2014 appearances on Fade Records and Pangea Recordings have yielded some of the best work of Andy’s career and his debut single for System Recordings looks to be his best yet.’A Nod To Wink’ finds Andy focusing on a minimalistic techno sound which samples Josh Wink’s ‘Don’t Laugh’. Tough beats, powerful claps and some stark electronics cast an ominous tone which perfectly sets the stage for Wink’s classic laugh loop. An added musical component adds some nice depth to the production, particularly in the second half which makes for a fresh sounding conclusion.

The first remix is supplied by Rob Benninger who is returning to System Recordings for his 13th overall appearance. The Tampa, Florida resident has had a good year which saw the release of his 3 track ‘Jumbotron’ EP on Chris Fortier’s Fade Records and also ‘Diamond Field’ on System Recordings complete with a remix from Bedrock’s Nick Muir. For his ‘A Nod To Wink’ interpretation Rob has expanded on the stark techno leanings of the original with a drummier complement to the groove and a myriad of unique sonic structures. Rave inspired stabs and mind bending vocal processing are the stars of the show here and should have the full attention of your dance floor. It’s a very unique piece from Rob who is one of the more underappreciated producers in the entire USA.

The second and final remix is supplied by James Gill who is returning to System Recordings for his fifth appearance. The New York based producer last appeared on the label with his two track EP entitled ‘Sphinx’ which remains one of System’s best releases of the year. A huge moment in James’ career came just a month following ‘Sphinx’ when he was announced as one of the winners for Change Audio’s Jamie Stevens remix competition. The chance to remix an electronic music legend was too good to pass up and it paid off as James’ remix was featured on the release of ‘Foreign Utopia’ in May of this year. For his ‘A Nod To Wink’ interpretation James has totally revamped the track and delivered a contemporary hypnotic bomb. It’s shuffling groove, spacious acid lines and mesmerizing electronics all meld together for a glacial blur of sonic colour. A real standout remix from James which is on par with his best work this year. Great release from System Recordings once again, don’t miss it.

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