Integral Bread (Live Set) | Episode 03

Univack Records label boss, artist and live act Integral Bread is not exactly a #newtalent but still one that’s very much under the radar. Here he produces a special live set comprising of all his own material.

1. Cid Inc & Darin Epsilon – Outliners (Integral Bread Remix) – Unreleased

My particular versión of Outliners, with a good ambient and cinematic intro. More Deep and Dark. One of my favourite tracks to star my live sets.

2. Marc Marzenit – To Love Until We say Godbye (Integral Bread Remix) – Unreleased

A Deep Techno versión of the original by Marzenit. With a stong and dark bass, accompanied by nice tombs. I used a new guitar bass synth sound, with a complex sequence… I love this track… one of my best remixes (in my opinion)

3. Integral Bread – The Cave (Original Mix) – Univack

Techno with a taste of break music. Very groovy, with dark and psychedelic sounds, a fat main synth, and hipnotic sequences. So original and fresh!!

4. Integral Bread – Phobia (Original Mix) – Univack

Progressive Techno track. Strong for the dance floor, with a aggressive main synth that the people will remember in the future.

5. Manu Riga -Get Me Down (Integral Bread Remix) – Bonzai Progressive

Warm, fresh and emotional. A Deep Progressive Techno version of the original by my friend Manu Riga. With a strong subbass, nice breaks and groove. A lot of nice synth sequences in this track.

6. Integral Bread – Yerevan (Original Mix) – Univack

One of the favourite tracks of my fans, and probably one of my best tracks. It sounds a bit tech house, progressive, with psychedelic sequences, and a lovely main melodic phrase. The dance floor go crazy with it drop and climb.

7. Integral Bread – Transmutacion (Original Mix) – Univack

A dark progressive techno track, with a complex dotted sequence synth, and a nice progression of the harmonic sounds.

8. Integral Bread – Quantum Groove (Original Mix) – Univack

I love to play this track. Techno with a crazy structure, a lot of breaks, changes, offsets, and a magical synth pad in the drop. All my fans love this track.

9. Djeep Rhythms – Chloe Miller (Integral Bread Remix) – Stage Records

Techno groovy, with a nice bass flow, minimal percs, and happy sounds and chords.

10. Integral Bread – Dark Mantra (Original Mix) – Unreleased

Powerful techno track.The intro not sound in this mix, but is nice to start. A strong synth horn sounds along the track. A lot of hipnotical techno sequences. People go crazy when this track is played.

11. Oovation – Nimbus (Integral Bread Remix) – Suffused Music

My Electro Progressive Techno version of the original by Oovation. Nice transitions and a breaks. A lot of new armonic sounds acompany the original main chords.

12. Integral Bread & Elio Kr – And Suddenly (Original Mix) – Univack

My best track for the 2017. A complex mix of sounds and percussions, with a memorable bass, an awesome main arp, and the long drop that will be remembered by people as one of the more high moment of the party.

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