Time after time, the past 2 years have seen the productions of Hen Falah, otherwise known as “Khen,” supported throughout the world by the elite of the progressive scene.

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Let’s start off with what’s happening right now: your upcoming release on Plattenbank has been causing quite the stir.  Can you tell us a bit about this project plus your relationship with label head Guy Mantzur?  Do you think this is the best work you’ve ever done together?

First of all thanks for having me here. I’m busy with some new exciting projects and collaborations at the moment. One of the most recent ones was Highway of Regrets with Guy (see link to review here), which we did for his label Plattenbank.

Guy & myself had already been working many years together already and this EP is our first collaboration since Moments Becoming Endless Time. As for the the track itself I cant say it’s the best track we did ever because every track is unique in it’s own way but it was definitely very special for us: we’re all about the music having emotions while still keeping it good for the dance floor.

You are regarded as one the leading artists in progno scene. This is undoubtedly one one of the most successful strands of the progressive sound . Your home city of Tel Aviv has really put itself on the map as a cultural hotspot for techno, house, progressive, and everything in between. Can you tell us a bit about how you got started?

As a really small child I grew up into the music scene of house and techno, and a lot of it is because of my big brother was one of the most successful DJs where we lived at that time. I began to create music at the age of 11 and remember myself sitting on his knees and playing with his Moog and Nord. Growing up into that really influenced me and hearing trance and progressive music made me love this up to today, and you can hear in my music elements from that world.

Has the war affected you in any way? Has it made people more determined to have fun?

I’m sure that war effects everybody in it’s own way so sure it effects me as well, its not an easy reality at all as I’m sure you can see on the news, but people are trying to keep up with their life, enjoying themselves, going out, and making music.

You’re a lecturer at BPM College, a premier audio production school.  Are you still learning new tricks whilst you’re doing this job? Do your students look up to you and realise who you are in the scene?

Wow that’s a good question!!! To be honest I have a feeling that since I became a lecturer at BPM it has helped me develop myself also as a producer, I have the honour to teach the next generation of musicians and to effect their way of thinking. On the other side, I’m learning a lot from them as well and yes sure, some of them know my of my works from the past.

Which artists are you in to these days?

Wow there’s a lot! first of all I must mention my Israeli gang and my best friends : Guy Mantzur, Chicola, Guy j ,Sahar Z, and Lonya. From overseas there are also 16 bit lolitas, Minilogue, Dale Middleton, Gabriel Ananda and many more: there is a lot of great music at the moment!

Tell us about your favourite labels?

Sudbeat for me is one of the best labels at the moment and for long time now, but I love also My Favorite Robot, Plattenbank, Lost & Found, Parquet, Lowbit, Proton Music…

Who would you really like to collaborate with?

I hope one day to collaborate with Hernan Cattaneo & Guy J; I think they are at the cutting edge of the Progressive Techno scene and amazing people as well which is a very important thing when you work together.

Have you ever considered writing an album?

As an artist, I’m sure I have it on my mind, but I’m really feeling that working on an artist album should come at a time that you feel prepared to say something new: its much more than doing 12 single tracks , it has to be a story from start to end , and I know inside that my time will come to do it. Hopefully soon!

What’s in store for Khen?

As for what is next for me there is a lot: I have the EP with Guy Mantzur on Plattenbank with Stelios Remix , I have another collaboration with Guy that signed to My Favorite Robot , which is bit more techno style , and I have EP on Sudbeat as well as a collaboration with Sonic Union for Tribal pulse. Plus also some unreleased stuff with Sahar Z, Chicola and some originals I haven’t even sent out yet!


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