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Jay Milton Low – Florish (Flow Vinyl)

The latest release on Flow Vinyl welcomes Jay Milton Low back to the label for a brand new single.

Jay Milton Low - Florish (Flow Vinyl)

Hailing from Australia the Vibrating Balance Records boss is no stranger to Flow Vinyl having appeared on the label previously under his JML alias. Now returning under his own name Jay presents his latest studio creation entitled ‘Florish’ alongside remixes from Jamie Stevens and Ki.Mi. 

For electronic music fans who have followed Jay’s productions you know that his previous work showcased an irresistibly groovy style, filled with wonderful emotive qualities. New artist moniker aside, ‘Florish’ retains those great traits and sits as one of his most unique creations to date. It’s playful melodies, organ-esque tones and esoteric vocals are just some of the elements which immediately captivate the senses. Jay’s productions have always told a compelling story and the near 12 minute running time here, while daunting, has enough fluid transitions and subtle motifs to make a very worthwhile journey. Beautiful work from Jay and hope to hear more from him soon.

The first interpretation of ‘Florish is provided by Jamie Stevens who much like Jay is no stranger to Flow Vinyl. The founding member of legendary act Infusion is now making his third appearance on the label which precedes what has been an incredible year for the Australian artist. Jamie’s long awaited ‘The Healing’ EP (microCastle), along with a remix for Khen’s ‘Secret Shining’ (Lost & Found), dominated the Beatport charts all through the summer months. Now with the year winding to a close we find Jamie on form again with a beautiful take on ‘Florish’. I can definitively say that after following Jamie’s career for many years he always brings something new and fresh to every remix project he takes on. On ‘Florish’ he’s transformed the light and playful vibe of the original into something fuller, warmer and a touch trippier. The late night appeal of it is hard to deny with its dubby qualities and gorgeous effects storyboard, which for me are the star of the show. Amazing remix from Jamie which has already earned praise from Guy J. 

The second and final interpretation of ‘Florish’ is provided by Ki.Mi. who is making his first appearance on Flow Vinyl. Hailing from Russia and also known for his Kashatskikh alias, Ki.Mi’s productions have been featured on a wide array of top imprints including Moon Harbour Recordings and Submarine Vibes. His debut for Flow has turned out amazingly well as he’s reinvented the track in his own deep and charming style. The time stretched melodies while creating a luminous, shimmering texture, sit perfectly over his dubby grooves and the end result is a gorgeous track with a ton of late night appeal. Beautiful remix from Ki.Mi. and another standout release from Flow Vinyl. Highly Recommended.

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