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Jelly For The Babies and Amber Long – Inertia (The Purr Music)

The Purr Music gets 2015 off to a great start with label boss Jelly For The Babies collaborating with Amber Long on ‘Inertia’.

Jelly For The Babies and Amber Long - Inertia

Marijan Raskovic aka Jelly For The Babies started The Purr Music in July of 2014. The curiously named Serbian imprint released 15 projects over the last half year and became a premier outlet for all things deep and dreamy. More often than not when a well known producer creates their first digital imprint it becomes one of the best sources for their own material. With The Purr Music however Jelly For The Babies has chosen to showcase a wide variety of other electronic music talents having only appeared on the label one time as a remixer. I would guess many electronic music fans wondered when Jelly was going to step into the spotlight on his beloved imprint and the labels first release of 2015 seems to be the moment. The Purr Music’s 16th overall release features Jelly For The Babies first single and to make it even more special he has called on the vocal talents of Amber Long. Together they have crafted what is the Serbian imprints best release to date in ‘Inertia’.

There are a wide variety of multi-talented people working in electronic music today and Amber Long would have to be at the top of that list. The Canadian artist has contributed mightily to our industry with her vocal, production, videography and journalistic skills. She’s appeared on a wide range of projects with vocal and production work for Flow Vinyl, MNL, Plattenbank and Stripped Recordings being the most notable. ‘Inertia’ marks the first collaboration for Amber and Marijan and as you might expect the results are quite spectacular. It’s a deep and captivating piece of laid back electronic music that would be equally at home on the dance floor or your iPod. It’s rhythmic tones, smooth sultry groove and evolving vocal storyboard all adds up to one killer late night vibe. Outstanding stuff from Jelly and Amber.

The first interpretation of ‘Inertia’ is provided by Diogo Ribeiro who is making his first appearance on The Purr. The Portuguese producer has long been one of his country’s most recognizable electronic music figures. Aside from running 24 Hours Records Diogo has an extensive discography which includes originals and remixes on Flow Records, Iboga and Movement Recordings. More recently Diogo capped off 2014 with an outstanding remix of Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic’s ‘Roll The Dice’ which came courtesy of Clinique Recordings. For his ‘Inertia’ interpretation Diogo has put a bit more of a tech house slant on the production. A reworked bass line has added some additional bounce and groove while the full drum complement is quite fresh. The result is a late night groover with a bit more punch than the original and thus a great addition to the release.

The second interpretation of ‘Inertia’ is provided by Robert Mason who is also making his first appearance on The Purr. The Canadian producer has been a mainstay in the Toronto club scene for many years having performed at Footwork, Comfort Zone, Li’ly Longue and Toika which are some of the city’s most clued up venues. On the production front Robert had several nice moments in 2014 with his ‘Run Away’ (in conjunction with Amber Long) production on Paul Hazendonk’s MNL imprint being one of my favourites. For his ‘Inertia’ interpretation Robert has beefed the production up considerably with funky hooks, elastic lines and a soulful, melodious build which is quite exhilarating. A radical reinvention of the vocal elements furthers the uniqueness of the production which certainly stands as one of Robert’s career best. Nick Warren seems to think so too as he has been one of the first A-list DJs to lend his support to Robert’s version. Excellent stuff from Robert!

The third and final remix is provided by Julian Wassermann & H.B.C. Both hailing from Germany the duo are frequent studio partners having appeared on Deer Dear, Klang Gymnastik and Sujet Musique. For their ‘Inertia’ interpretation Julian and H.B.C have stayed true to the main themes from the original all while adding a bit more fullness to the production. A bed of chugging rhythms and airy pads add wonderfully to the great parts from the original and a less audible, trippier take on the vocals also works quite nicely. Solid remix from Julian & H.B.C which rounds out what is an amazing release on The Purr Music. Don’t miss it.

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