John Cosani – World For All (Clinique Recordings)

The latest offering from Clinique Recordings welcomes John Cosani back to the label with ‘World For All’.

John Cosani

The Argentinean producer is making his eighth appearance on the Russian imprint which follows his ‘Amanecer’ single release in late February. John has delivered a recent single for Clinique’s sister imprint BQ Recordings this year as well while also appearing on SexOnWax. John’s latest is entitled ‘World For All’ and it comes with a remix from Ewan Rill.

Most electronic music fans discovered John through his early releases on Balkan Connection South America. A 2012 appearance on the labels NuBlood X compilation was quickly followed with several remixes and a single for the label. It launched John’s career and other labels and music lovers soon latched on to his sound. Both Clinique and BQ have become a great home for John and he’s delivered one of his best here in ‘World For All’. The Argentinean’s galloping grooves are big and powerful early and a complement of dark electronics and vocally pads add a sinister tone which absolutely rocks. There’s no massive breakdown either but rather a few very brief interlude’s which keep the groove and hypnotic flow of the record moving, which is going to be spectacular in a club. Amazing stuff from John.

The lone interpretation of ‘World For All’ is provided by Ewan Rill who is making his fifth appearance on Clinique Recordings. It’s another busy week for Ewan with his remixes for Balkan Connection and Just Movement also due out. Ewan’s Sever Records also just launched and now has two releases under its belt with more quality material on the way I’m sure. For his ‘World For All’ interpretation Ewan has stripped things down a touch and reworked the groove into something monumentally funky. Those subterranean tones are absolutely deadly and there’s an air of mystery about the whole mix which continues to build throughout. All of Ewan’s design is quite unique as well, from the muted stabs to soft hypnotic rolls there’s an interesting character here which keeps you very engaged throughout. It’s a brilliant remix and one of the Russian’s best to date I’d say. Clinique has grown into one of the best underground progressive labels in the last year and this release is more proof of that. Don’t miss it.

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