Jonatan Ramonda feat. Kelevra It’s So Late (Suffused Music)

Suffused Music has spent 2013 building some incredible momentum. This week the label reaches its 16th overall release and recent support has been seen from none other than Armin Van Buuren. This week sees Jonatan Ramonda returning to the label for his second appearance and first single entitled ‘It’s So Late’ featuring Kelevra.

Jonatan’s original is a dark, brooding number that carries a vast amount of cool themes and vocal elements. The breakbeat sections add an incredible depth and atmosphere which make the more punishing 4/4 sections a real delight for the dance floor. The rolling grooves carry a nice harmonic component that seems to complement the vocals perfectly. A quality production from Jonatan and one of his coolest works to date. The remixes all offer something cool here as well. There are four and Andrew Phillipov’s breaks rework is first. We’ve always noted Andrew’s great production skills and it’s nice to see him with a remix here as it seems like he’s been a bit quieter than usual lately. Andrew’s beats sound as crisp as ever here; it’s a moody sounding remix but the punch of the groove really gives it a ton of energy. The breakdown is laced with ethereal sounding brilliance as well, there are so many subtle melodic ideas and hypnotic tones there that you just get lost in it until the big beats return that is. Huge remix from Andrew and a great complement to the original. Andy Weed has been another top newcomer this year. He returns to Suffused here for his second appearance following a remix of Digital Department’s ‘Tears of a Soul’. Andy’s ‘It’s So Late’ interpretation offers a much more musical take on things with a variety of subtle melodies running through the track. It’s the effortless vibe with Andy’s stuff that is so cool, it never sounds like it’s trying to hard; just smooth and subtle music that’s great for the progressive dance floor. Next up is CJ Art who ups the tempo and delivers a real punishing remix. It’s refreshing to hear CJ sticking to his guns and still writing big sounding music even though almost everything at the moment is quite deep. The jack hammer beats and relentless bass stabs are quite devastating and should be absolute murder on a big system. Not lost in all this though are the cool melodic themes from the original which CJ has expertly worked in to his monstrous sounding framework. Big stuff from CJ! The final remix on the release is provided by DJ Lemy who is returning to Suffused for his second appearance. The first was the lead remix on Matteo Monero’s ‘Beyond The Inner Journey’ which was released in May of this year. For his ‘It’s So Late’ interpretation Lemy has crafted a 10 minute progressive epic. It’s a huge atmospheric vibe early on by Lemy and it gives the record a massive widescreen feeling. This leads to a big break with trippy vocal gates, nice anticipation and a smooth build which reaches an intense peak for the beats to drop back in. The second half of the record features these amazing vocal pads which just add to the big soaring sound of the production. It certainly closes the release out with a bang. Great stuff from Suffused Music.

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