Jonatan Ramonda – Nave 088 (Balkan Connection)

Jonatan Ramonda returns to Balkan Connection for his latest single entitled ‘Nave 088’.

Jonatan Ramonda

The Argentinean producer last appeared on the label with his ‘Long Way To Sky’ which was released in October of 2013. Jonatan’s ‘Low Car’ single was just released on Jelly For The Babies ‘The Purr’ imprint to great feedback and ‘Nave 088’ looks to keep that momentum going.

For all those that follow Jonatan’s productions you know you’re going to get a blend of deep and progressive sounds. His previously mentioned ‘Low Car’ single for The Purr showcased the deeper end of his production repertoire and ‘Nave 088’ does as well. It’s low slung groove and sultry vocal elements are immediately striking and the precision at which the tracks builds is quite captivating. Over the course of a nearly six minute first act scattered drum elements and subtle acid hooks are added in to great effect. It’s sets up a brief but intense break of drummy builds and escalating tones before the funky groove returns for a smooth rush of energy. A gorgeous creation from Jonatan and one of his grooviest to date.

The first interpretation of ‘Nave 088’ is provided by Diego Azocar who is making his first appearance on Balkan Connection. Also hailing from Argentina Diego recently remixed Aquya’s ‘Slipstream’ for Massive Harmony Records and has also appeared on Baires Records, Juicebox Music and System Recordings. For his ‘Nave 088’ interpretation Diego has put a bit more of a progressive twist on the track but he’s still managed to retain the grooviness of the original. It’s subtle hypnotic lines and drifting atmospheres are definitely something to get lost in and should set the mood of a room nicely.

The second and final interpretation of ‘Nave 088’ is provided by Lautaro Varela who is making his sixth appearance on Balkan Connection. Lautaro has been an integral fixture of Argentina’s talent rich progressive house scene for several years now. His vast array of bootlegs, original productions and remixes have earned radio, chart and club support from Hernan Cattaneo and his newly launched A| Lot imprint already has two impressive releases under its belt. Lautaro’s lone production thus far in 2015 was a remix for John Cosani’s ‘Amanecer’ released courtesy of Clinique Recordings. For his ‘Nave 088’ interpretation Lautaro has put his own melodic progressive touch on the track and the results are quite beautiful. Layers of pixie-like harmonies combined with warm bass swells and delicate sonic designs make for a gorgeous creation and also my favourite on the release. Beautiful work from Lautaro.

Closing the release out is a second original from Jonatan entitled ‘Solar Magnetic Storm’. The energy has been lifted a few notches from ‘Nave 088’ with a tougher, driving grooving and some very strong drum elements. Spacey tones give it a cool late night feel and the dubby rhythms and drifting motifs only enhance that. It might be tucked away at the end of the release as a b-side but it more that stands alongside ‘Nave 088’ in terms of quality and dance floor appeal. It puts a perfect cap on another outstanding release from Balkan Connection.

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