Jor Messina – Pacific Storm / L’Atlantique (Mistique Music)

The 449th release on Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic’s Mistique Music features the debut of Jor Messina. The Argentinean producer is not only making his first appearance on Mistique but this also marks his first ever released material. Jor’s production debut comes in the form of the double A-side release entitled ‘Pacific Storm / L’Atlantique’.

The EP begins with L’Atlantique which starts with some layered beats and a wavering hypno backdrop. As the track slowly builds a quirky lead synth makes an appearance along with a French ( I think) vocal sample. The vocal soon dissipates in favour of some alien-like sweeps and cool level changing. Jor’s subtle atmosphere is quite delicate and heavenly sounding, it continues to rise as the middle portion of the record approaches. The main break builds further tension with some subtle mods on the lead elements intensifying. As the beats drop back in the spacey swirls and hazy atmospheres rise higher and the result is a classy finale that keeps things perfectly restrained. The companion piece ‘Pacific Storm’ is a much more light-hearted affair with heavenly textures and subtle melodic themes leading way. The broken lead lines really captivates your imagination and the phasing textures are positively hypnotic. It’s a great complement to the bigger L’Atlantique and it rounds out a very solid debut EP from Jor. A great signing for Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic’s Mistique Music. Looking forward to hearing more from this new talent.

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