Julian Rodriguez – The Hunter (Clinique Recordings)

The latest release on Clinique Recordings features the debut of Julian Rodriguez to the label. The Argentinean producer heads up the Massive Harmony imprint and has an extensive production discography that includes appearances on 3rd Avenue, Balkan Connection and Mistique Music. Julian’s debut single for Clinique is entitled ‘The Hunter’ and it comes with remixes from: Ghoeyash and Phrakture.

Julian’s original begins with a smooth, hypnotic vibe that slowly builds with some nice drum elements scattered around the framework. As the soft melodic tones gradually fade into the forefront of the mix a more complex melodic pattern is also realized. It’s a very mesmerizing sequence which develops further as the expansive breakdown begins to take shape. As the broken beats build anticipation the cascading keys slowly wrap themselves around your senses. Then Julian’s crisp groove thunders down and the atmosphere begins to rise once more. The second half is a panoramic soundscape of big gaseous sweeps, thunderous drums and most of all, lush textures which really deliver on an emotional level. Superb work from Julian and great to see him on an awesome label like Clinique.

The first remix is supplied by Ghoeyash who has been a major contributor to Clinique in recent years with this being his fourth overall appearance. The Hungarian producer also has Mistique, OLD SQL and Perfect Session on his discography. His last appearance on Clinique came in September of last year with his ‘Mamacita Sansuel’ which was a huge release that included remixes from Vlada D’Shake, Jeremy Rowlett and 3sidesquare. Ghoeyash’s interpretation of ‘The Hunter’ presents a much deeper and groovier vibe and thus it’s a really nice complement to Julian’s more progressive original. The foundation that Ghoeyash has crafted here is just so well textured and full of character that you know it’s going to sound amazing loud. There is a total back room vibe on this one and the dubby rhythms just seem to get better and better as the track progresses. The vocal elements and soft harmonic tones are a really nice touch and just add to the records brilliance through an understated apex in the second half. Great work from Ghoeyash.

The second and final remix is provided by Phrakture who is making his debut on Clinique Recordings. The Canadian producer has really grown since his early productions for PolyTechnic. He was pushing a more breaks inspired sound at the time but has really developed into an amazing producer that’s capable of a wide range of styles. For his ‘The Hunter’ interpretation Phrakture has provided a very fresh sounding version. While it’s quite an uptempo track it still retains a cool, deep vibe that’s very inviting. The beats are delicate but still carry a nice punch and the surrounding rhythms are softly textured and just a pleasure to listen to. It closes the package out on a strong note and caps off an amazing release on Clinique Recordings once again. Highly Recommended.

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